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By Jamie Stewart
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FULL LISTING: Shafter High honors outstanding seniors


Shafter High School celebrated their outstanding seniors by giving out over $1.1 million in scholarship and award monies on last month at the Seniors Awards Night at the Fred Starrh Performing Arts Center at Shafter High School.

Principal Russell Shipley welcomed parents, students, friends and family to the event and informed those in attendance that there were 300 awards being given out to 114 different students. There were a number of local clubs and businesses who sponsored awards and scholarships, including the Shafter Kiwanis Club, which gave out 11 scholarships, Shafter Lions Club, who awarded five different scholarships, and Shafter Rotary, who gave away several scholarships as well.

In addition to money for college, a few of the awards included much more. Alexis Pickering, who has enlisted in the United States Army, received an award that included money for college, benefits, and boarding throughout her term in the service, making the value of her award over $600,000.

A student who had to have worn his shoes out walking back and forth across the stage, Alex Aguilar received over 15 scholarships on the night totaling $100,000, including a $20,000 scholarship from the California Table Grape Commission. Aguilar will be attending San Diego State University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Aguilar was contacted by several major college schools who were wanting him for his prowess on the football field, but Aguilar decided to attend a big school with an outstanding engineering program, focusing on his future career.

Several departments at Shafter High School gave out their own awards presented by their own, including Kendall Marshall, who was proud to give out three scholarships sponsored by the Shafter High Yearbook Club. Shafter High School Activities Director and Athletic Director Brian Feaster presented a scholarship named for his late sister, Jaime Feaster, to senior Marco Rodriguez. Rodriguez was another multiple award winner, accepting over $30,000 in scholarship money.

There were also scholarships awarded by alumni of Shafter High, including Gary Wilson, David Criswell and 1976 graduate Michael Schroeder, who awarded the The Shafter Press / Michael and Janet Schroeder Scholarship to Lilyana Villa. Villa also had a big night, receiving over $15,000 in scholarships.

2019 Shafter High School Senior Awards

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Villa, Lilyana $250

Espinoza, Juan $250

Aguilar, Alex $250

Villagran, Emilio $250

Rodriguez, Marco $250

Hussein, Khata $250

Espinoza, Nancy $250

Torres, Analyssa $250

Lopez Medina, Eva $250

California Table Grape Commission Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $20,000

Espinoza, Juan $20,000

Women Club Scholarship

Segura Saldana, Claudia $500

AARP Scholarship

Avila Pedro $500

Self Help Enterprises Scholarship

Espinoza, Juan $500

Omni Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $1,000

Espinoza, Nancy $1,000

Stockdale Moose Scholarship #2178

Rodriguez, Marco $1,000

Wonderful Education Scholarship

Ishida, Serina $20,000

Herrera, Luis $20,000

Maldonado's Achieve your Dream Scholarship

Maldonado, Tristan $500

Pulido, Cindy $250

Torres Acosta, Esmeralda $125

De La Mora, Rafael $125

Mecha Scholarship

Piceno, Alexsandra $450

Sanchez Garcia, Alexsandra $350

Lopez, Jennifer $450

Echeveria, Daisy $350

Lara, Mariana $350

Gomez, Mayra $200

Hernandez, Joseph $250

Castillo, Karina $300

Vallecillo, Yadira $350

Ortega, Ludy $350

De La Mora, Rafael $400

Gudino, Ruby $250

Villa, Lilyana $350

Espinoza, Juan $200

Martinez, Grisel $200

Gomez, Mayra $300

Uribe, Leslie $200

Segura, Claudia $600

Ortega, Carolina $450

Guerrero, Jacqueline $350

Lopez Family Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $1,000

Avila, Pedro $1,000

Eighmy, Tristen $1,000

Espinoza, Juan $1,000

Hermosillo, Mario $1,000

Hussein, Khata $1,000

Molina, Yaquelin $1,000

Robles, Rolando $1,000

Rodriguez, Marco $1,000

Saldana Segura, Claudia $1,000

Villa, Lilyana $1,000

Villagran, Emilio $1,000

Dinstinguished Young Woman

Cleveland, Karly $2,400

Pickering, Alexis $1,500

Darling, Victoria $1,000

Perez, Alyssa $950

Miller, Emma $200

The Shafter Press / Michael and Janet Schroeder Scholarship

Villa, Lilyana $1,000

David Criswell Memorial Scholarship

Rodriguez, Marco $250

Batey Scholarship

Hussein, Khata $375

Guerrero, Jacqueline $375

Torres, Analyssa $375

Torres, Jessica $375

Kern Community Foundation Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $2,500

Portillo, Julianna $2,500

Martinez, Kyler $2,500

Rodriguez, Marco $2,500

Valencia, Baruch $750

Kathy Martinez Meeler Scholarship

Maldonado, Tristan $1,000

Torres Acosta, Esmeralda $250

Gudino, Ruby $250

Gomez, Mayra $250

De La Mora, Rafael $250

Pulido, Cindy $250

Ezpinoza, Trebol $200

Renteria, Jesus $150

Hermosillo, Mario $150

Pineda, Jesus $250

Salgado, Soledad $250

Gutierrez, Felipe $150

Dominguez, Cedric $150

Kiwanis Scholarship

Joe Frizelle Scholarship

Pedro Avila $1,000

Ben Grundy Scholarship

Liliana Jacinto $1,000

Marvin Kirschemann Scholarship

Analyssa Torres $1,000

Dick Garber Scholarship

Marco Rodriguez $500

Dan Knapp Scholarship

Mejia Cruz Anayeli $500

Hernandez, Joseph $500

Torres, Jessica $500

Cleveland, Karly $500

Espinoza, Nancy $500

Villagran, Emilio $500

Martinez, Ayadelin $500

Valencia, Baruch $500

Torres, Daniel $500

Mestaz, Anthony $500

Torres, Isabella $500

Book Scholarship

Villa, Lilyana $100

Gomez, Idallas $100

Carillo, Karina $100

Gary Wilson Ag Memorial

Farias, Jaden $1,000

Lions Club Scholarship

Cantu, Alonzo $500

Benitez, Yulisa $500

Valdivia, Jordi $500

Hall Medical Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $250

Cordova, Willis $250


Mora, Carolina $1,140

Hernandez, Alexandro $549

Rodriguez, Alexya $548

Augustine Family Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $4,000

Soccer Scholarship

Mejia Cruz, Anayeli

Rosales, Alejandra

Kern County Cattlewomen Ag Scholarship

Gonzalez, Octavio $200

Pearl Crop Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $1,000

Proteus INC Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $500

Espinoza, Nancy $500

Kern County Fair Scholarship

Martinez, Ayadelin $250

Espinoza, Juan $250

Torres, Isabella $250

Farias, Jaden $250

Witcher, Kekoa $250

Hussein, Khata $250

Portillo, Julianna $250

Lopez Medina, Eva $250

Rosales, Alejandra $250

Ortiz, Jasmine $250

Mejia Cruz, Anayeli $250

The Garlic Company Scholarship

Martinez Suarez, Lizbeth $1,000

Santana Sophia $1,000

Shafter Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $500

Espinoza, Juan $500

Hussein, Khata $500

Rodriguez, Marco $500

Villa, Lilyana $500

Villagran, Emilio $500

Shafter Chamber of Commerce Young Person of the Year Scholarship

Rodriguez, Marco $500

Yearbook Editor's Scholarship

Castillo, Julissa $100

Lopez Medina, Eva $100

Acosta Torres, Esmeralda $100

Adventist Health Bakersfield Scholarship

Jacqueline Guerrero $1,000

SSDA Scholarship

Lilyana Villa $500

BW Chamber Scholarships

Alexis Contreras $850

Eighmy, Tristen $1,000

Martinez Suarez, Lizbeth $600

Mata Baltazar, Oscar $1,000

Villa, Lilyana $1,500

Ramires, Roberto $500

BW Lions Club

Alexis Contreras $1,000

Eighmy, Tristen $1,500

Martinez, Lizbeth $1,000

Mata Baltazar, Oscar $1,000

Villa, Lilyana $1,500

Ramires, Roberto $500

Pioneer Senior Citizen Scholarship

Eighmy, Tristen $200

Ramires, Roberto $200

SSG Ricardo Barraza Scholarship

Aguilar, Alex $1,000

Rodriguez, Marco $1,000

Espinoza, Juan $500

Gonzalez, Octavio $500

Shafter Rotary Club Scholarship

Ishida, Serina $1,000

Perez, Alyssa $1,000

Pitter, Julia $1,000

Robles, Rolando $1,000

Rodriguez, Marco $1,000

Aguilar, Alex $1,000

Medina Lopez, Eva $1,000

Eighmy, Tristen $1,000

Cleveland, Karly $1,000

Guerrero Jacqueline $1,000

Torres, Analyssa $1,000

C. Leland Barlow Scholarship

Escalante, Daniel $5,000

Thelma Rae Self Music Scholarship

Escalante, Daniel $500

Cross Country Scholarship

Analyssa Torres $750

Jessica Torres $750

Daniel Torres $750

Ludy Ortega $750

Jaime Feaster Scholarship

Rodriguez, Marco $500

El Porvenir Scholarship

Molina, Yaquelin $500

American Society of Civil Enginner Scholarship

Alex Aguilar $2,500

Serina Ishida $2,000

Jordan Buenrostro $1,500

Contreras Scholarship

Desiree Orozco $1,000

Ludy Ortega $1,000

Serina Ortiz $1,000

Rafael De Mora $1,000

Excellence in English Award/Scholarship

Martinez, Kyler $100

Jimenez Daisy $100

Excellence in Science Award

Villa, Lilyana $100

Mendez, Ezequiel $100

Martinez, Kyler $100


Excellence in Mathematics

Matinez, Kyler

Mendez, Ezequiel

Rodriguez, Elian

Excellence in Modern Language

Nayeli Nunez

Carlos Barragan

Excellence in AG

Darling, Victoria

Army Award/Scholarship (G.I Bill)

Alexis Pickering

Scholastic Excellence Award

Lilyana Villa

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence

Oscar Mata

Distinguished Athlete Award Nominee

Baruch Valencia Godinez

Felicia Chacon Paz

Aguilar, Alex

Perez, Alyssa

Music Awards

Spirit of Orpheus: Heredia Edward

Spirit of the Muse: Darby Mullins

Drum Major Emeritus Award: Travis Poston & Daniel Escalante

Theater Awards

Coon, Anthony

Lopez, Eva

Mullins, Darby

Garcia, Daniela

Gomez, Idallas

Hernandez, Rex

Cantu, Alonzo

Dominguez, Cedric

Good Citizen Award Scholarship

Mora, Lenis

FFA State Degree Recipients

Darling, Victoria

Espinoza, Juan

Farias, Jaden

Gonzalez, Nathan

Gonzalez, Octavio

Hill, John

Hussein, Khata

Johnson, Jason

Larios, Soraida

Lopez, Jennifer

Medina Lopez, Eva

Martinez Ayadelin

Ortega, Ludyaram

Ortiz, Jasmine

Portillo, Julianna

Poston, Travis

Ramirez, Aneth

Ramires, Roberto

Rosales, Alejandra

Torres, Esmeralda

Torres, Isabella

Vander Poel, Michael

Witcher, Kekoa

PLTW State Medal Recipients

Aguilar, Alex

Bravo, Arnoldo

Anguiano, Celeste

Anaya, Rosalinda

Buenrostro, Jordan

Coon, Anthony

Eighmy, Tristen

Espinoza, Juan

Gil, Brady

Guzman Felix, Steven

Heredia, Edward

Ishida, Serina

Jaime, Damian

Leon, Ernesto

Martinez, Kyler

Mondragon, Aimee

Mora, Carolina

Robles, Rolando

Rodriguez, Elian

Rodriguez Garcia, Marco

Torres, Analyssa

Torres, Daniel

Torrres, Jessica

Uribe, Stephanie

Vander Poel, Michael

Villagran, Emilio

Waterhouse, Willem

Waterhouse, Zebulon

Zamudio, Rafael

Outstanding PLTW Enginnering Student

Martinez, Kyler

CSF Life Members

Aguilar, Alex

Anaya, Rosalinda

Avila, Pedro

Bravo, Arnoldo

Carillo, Karina

Cleveland, Karly

Eighmy, Tristen

Espinoza, Juan

Espinoza, Nancy

Farias, Jaden

Guerrero Jacqueline

Hussein, Khata

Ishida, Serina

Jacinto, Miriam

Jimenez Rojas Gisela

Lara, Mariana

Leon, Ernesto

Martinez, Kyler

Mendez, Ezequiel

Mondragon, Aimee

Mora, Carolina

Pitter, Julia

Robles, Rolando

Rodriguez, Marco

Sanchez, Alyssa

Santana, Sophia

Torres, Analyssa

Torres, Daniel

Torres, Jessica

Velasquez, Hugo

Villa, Lilyana

Villagran, Emilio

Waterhouse, Willem

Waterhouse, Zebulon


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