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Palm Avenue recognizes students


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Palm Avenue announced through Facebook their October Students of the Month and Principals’ List of students from sixth through eighth grade.

“During these unprecedented times, it is important for our school community to celebrate our students’ success,” Principal Oscar Luna, of Palm Avenue Middle School, said. “This group of students has demonstrated character, leadership and resilience.”

Sixth-Grade Principal’s List (4.0)

Jaquelin Archuleta Michelle Arechiga

Armando Barboza Benjamin Burt

Moreno Moroni Carranza Leslie Contreras

Ashlynn Escoto Adam Garza

Miguel Gomez Josiah Lopez

Luis Maldonado Joshua Martinez

Isabella McCuan Samantha Moncada

Victoria Perez Alexander Quintano

Guadalupe Ramirez Raya, Estefania

Angelino Rodriguez Artemo Sanchez

Savannah Sharp Cristian Vargas Morales

Valerie Zamora Princes Cardenas

Teachers commented on the some of the sixth-grade students selected as students of the month.

“Josiah [Lopez] is a true example of what a student should be,” said teacher Ed Crane. “He is hard-working, honest and diligent. I am very happy he is in my class. An amazing asset to any classroom.”

Teacher Lisa Rogers said Benjamin Burt is a “wonderful student.

“He has straight A’s and never misses a class. He is also a great leader.”

She also said Benjamin leads his small group instructions better than any student she has ever had before. “He has even offered to stay after class and help,” she said.

Rogers also said that he is a true leader and makes her job easy.

“He is a joy to have in the class. Every teacher dreams of having a student like Ben. Thank you, Ben, for your hard work and your eagerness to help your classmates,” she said.

Teacher Joseph Haddad commented about Christian Morales.

“Cristian is a hard-working student and is always willing to participate in class,” said Haddad. “He does a great job of staying on task and completing his classwork and homework in a timely manner. Cristian is very polite and always challenges himself to do his very best. He is very responsible and self-motivated.”

Teacher Marcus Ballard said Ashlynn Escoto has been an “amazing student all month long.”

“She has always been willing to participate, be the ‘first,’ and always willing to share in class,” Ballard said. He also said that Ashlynn never lets fear stop her.

“Furthermore, she works hard in class and never misses an assignment. I am proud of her and proud to give her this award,” he said.

Sixth-Grade Honor Roll

Ashley Acosta Malak Ahmed Omar Al-Harnatii

Jaquelin Archuleta Adrian Barba Camila Becerra

Jesus Bernabe Ramirez Estephanie Bravo Benjamin Burt

Kharla Cabrera Ibarra Anna Carranza Tovar Garyana Clayton

Leslie Curiel Noe De La Cruz Guadalupe Flores

Marilyn Garcia Adam Garza Valerie Gaspar

Amanii Hastings Brian Hernandez Isabella Hernandez

Christopher Lara Israel Lara Leah Lopez

Nathaly Lopez Lillyana Martinez Ofelia Martinez

Alondra Mederos Rodrigo Mejia Alyssa Mendez

Giselle Michel Ricardo Miranda Emily Navarro Huerta

Adamariz Araceli Melanie Perez Alvarez Victoria Ocampo

Emma Raya Joshua Reyes Adrian Rivera

Kaylee Rodriguez Johan Romero Natalie Santana

Azucena Santiago Perez Jayden Silveira Anessa Stewart Robinson

Israel Tamayo Solorio Kodye Taylor Andrew Torres

Solanch Trujillo Perez Andrea Uribe Destinty Vidal

Nathen Viga Lopez Valerie Zamora Jaretzi Zuno Flores

“Destinty [Vidal] is a true leader,” said teacher Lisa Izuma. “This young lady not only maintains straight A’s, she completes all extra credit, which gives her grades that are above 100%.”

Izuma also said that Destinty’s work ethic is witnessed on a daily basis, including her participation in extra-curricular activities such as Red Ribbon Week Poster contest.

“Destinty’s attitude of positivity lifts her friends and her teachers’ spirits every day. Way to go Destinty,” she said.

Teacher Mark Holmes said Princess Cardenas has excelled in her studies.

“Her growth in math has improved and she is able to remain focused during distance learning and in class,” he said.

“Carlos [Cabrera] participates and is a role model for other students,” said his teacher Lynette Miller. “He follows directions and demonstrates great leadership skills!

Seventh-Grade Principal’s List

Devany Aguilar Contreras Nubia Garcia Emma Gomez

Zabdiel Gomez Brisa Grajeda Andrade Kimberly Pineda

Lauren Mancilla Nena Martinez Valeria Martinez

Camila Morales Kaitlyn Pineda Castillo Gabriella Ramirez

Alexandra Reyes Julio Romero Damian Santos

Caidan Sharp Sofia Vadillo Valerie Vadillo

Samantha ValdeBenito Jorge Escalera Maryjane Flores

Jorge Escalera Maryjane Flores Omar Garcia

Justin Hernandez Ruben Mosqueda Aileen Nunez Ruiz

Khloe Nunez Quentin Orosco Jesus J. Orozco

Teacher Naomi Grontkowski said Kimberly Hernandez is a “very scholarly student.”

“She demonstrates quality leadership character traits by always arriving to Google Meets on time, prepared and willing to collaborate with her classmates,” she said. Grontkowski also said that Kimberly is respectful of peers and is generous with her mentoring skills to other students. “It is a pleasure to have Kimberly in World History,” she said.

Teacher Gloria Krauter recognized Zabdiel Gomez.

“Zabdiel has shown extraordinary leadership in our Google Classroom when he led the class through a discussion on a narrative,” said Krauter. “He answered questions and he asked questions of students engaging them into the discussion. Because of his guidance, he and the class were able to analyze the story plot line.”

Krauter also said that he also shows his leadership qualities in class by sharing his insight with others.

“Zabdiel will be a great leader some day,” she said.

Teacher Hiram Lopez congratulated Samantha Valdebenito.

“Samantha is a very hard working individual,” said Lopez. “Samantha is very active in class and always completes all assignments early.”

Lopez also described Samantha as having a positive attitude and she exemplifies excellence.

Teacher David Meyer honored Caidan Sharp with student of the month.

“Caidan is self-motivated, and an extremely hard-working and conscientious student,” Meyer said. “He can always be counted on to demonstrate leadership, participation and staying on top of his assignments.” Meyer also said that Caidan is a pleasure to work with and have him as a student in history.

“Honesty, passion and respect are all words that define a leader Damian [Santos],” said teacher Hallie Rogers. “Damian is a great leader in my PE class, he volunteers to lead the daily warmup and he participates in all class conversations.” Rogers also said that Damian is eager to exercise, which motivates the other students in the class.

“Valeria [Martinez] is an awesome student in my class,” said teacher Edwin Viviano. “She is always willing to learn and participates when she can.”

Viviano also said that Valeria is always kind and polite and always does her work while making sure that she does not have any missing assignments. He also said that Valeria is not afraid to ask questions when she is confused on a problem or step. “With her dedication to success, Valeria proves that she is a leader in my classroom,” he said.

Seventh-Grade Honor Roll

Denise Aceves Gonzales Sheema Al-Hanan Adiel Arredondo

Hailey Barba Hailey Barbosa Xander Carmody

Olivia Carranza Tovar Cristina Carrillo Cheomara Ramirez

Matthew Dominguez Eva Escalera Daniel Garcia

David Garcia Nancy Garcia Jace Gonzalez Garcia

Uriah Harrison Alyssa Hernandez Hallie Holloway

Daniel Hulsey Elvia Hernandez Joelynn Juarez

Angel Leyva Jennifer Lopez Melendez Maldonado

Kal-el Mealy Jocelyn Zuniga Ricardo Navarro

Inderjeet Rathour Hector Raya Marc Rivera

Ilena Saavedra Arevalo Xavier Sanchez Quintero Nevaeh Sanchez

Ventura Sanchez Sofia Urner Valerie Vadillo

Samantha Valdebenito David Vargas Alcaraz Vianey Velasquez

Roman Villagomez Alexander Garcia

“Adiel [Arredondo] is a wonderful student,” said his teacher Kelcy Davis-Hubble. “He shows leadership by participating in class and completing work on time.”

Davis-Hubble also said that Adiel always asks questions when he needs clarification and always has a positive attitude when class meets. He added that Adiel is fun and energetic and a great leader and knows when to complete his work.

Eighth-Grade Principal’s List

+ Denotes teacher comment

Gisele Acevedo Coca Zaraa Ahmed Karisma Almanza Isidoro

Roman Ballardo Erik Castillo Nicholas Contreras

Israel Cortez Samantha Cortez Angelina Cruz

Miguel Dominguez Kassandra Elizarraz Tatianna Galaviz

Emanuel Gallardo Natalie Gaspar Quiyahutzin Garcia

Ayda Hernandez Antonio Heaven Hernandez Angela Herrera Ojeda

Juliette Leon Rosalyn Lopez Gallardo Briana Lopez Tapia

Antonio Maldonado Brie Martinez Jocelyn Martinez

Troy Martinez Alize Mendez Sebastian Mendez

Shayma Mohammed Natalie Gonzalez Leslie Moreno

Arturo Nunez Leah Nunez Adamariz Ocampo

Ajadne Orozco Lillian Orozco Jesus Preciado Barron

Jovanny Quintana Carmago Anthony Quintero Jorge Ramos Rodriguez

Belle Rieck Waood Saeed Yareli Sanchez

Abelando Santiago Antonio Yvette Torres Brittney Urena

Ytzel Vargas Evan Vidrios Jules Wimberly

Ian Alexander Zuno Flores

“Tatianna [Galaviz] is an amazing student,” teacher Rosa Perkins said. “She is always answering questions and volunteering. She has become a leader in my class and I enjoy having her.”

Teacher Alberto Duran recognized Adamariz Ocampo.

“Adamariz, thank you for being one of the most responsible and forward-thinking students in our entire school,” said Duran. “Your ability to manage a full workload and still manage to keep up with science fair tasks is remarkable.” Duran also added that this was the reason Adamariz was nominated for October’s student of the month.

“Rosalyn [Lopez] exhibits leadership in ELA class because she leads the class in the learning process by answering questions and asking questions and always willing to participate,” said her teacher Katelyn Allen. “She is a fantastic leader and her family should be very proud.”

Sebastian [Mendez] is an amazing student, said teacher Kory Mildenberger.

“Leadership is more than just getting others to follow you or guiding others, a big part of leadership is organization and follow-through.” Mildenberger also said that Kory demonstrates these qualities constantly and anytime he doesn’t understand; he asks for clarification. He also reaches out to make sure expectations and understanding are solid. “He is always giving insight.”

“Brianna [Tapia] is a hard worker that is compassionate, respectful and always willing to work with others,” said her teacher Leonardo Sanchez. “She completes her work and is eager to help others even when her classmates are quiet.” He also said that Briana is an exemplary student that leads by example and is a pleasure to have in class.

Jules Wimberly is a “wonderful student that shows up to class ready to learn,” said teacher Chris Wedel. “She gets all of her assignments turned in on time and leads by example.” Wedel thanks Jules for being on top of her assignments and being a great student.

Eighth-Grade Honor Roll

Saleh Aayed Sergio Acosta Yasmin Alfaro Rivera

Jorge Barrera Ventura Joshua Ventura Barrera Joshua Becerra

Yair Camacho Licea Jesse Carvajal Jonathan Cervantes

Abel Chavez Kevin Dominguez Wenceslao Flores

Ashley Gallardo Jaime Galvan Pablo Garcia

Arianna Gomez Diego Heredia Gabriel Mancilla

Hugo Marin Acosta Ramon Mendez Pena AdrianMontano Lopez

Alfredo Munoz Arias Ashlyn Nunez Grijalva Kathie Perez Ruiz

Angel Ramos Gershan Rathour Alyssa Records

Alexus Rodriguez Samuel Ruiz Susanna Ruelas

Jacqueline Santiago Willie Stewart Kaitlyn Velasquez

Jessica Villasana Perez Ruth Villegas Sanchez Myron Williams

Jules Wimberly

Ashlan [Nunez] is not only a great classroom leader, but is a caring family and community member, said teacher Veronica Alvarez. “Thank you for helping those in need of assistance. Your kind gesture of helping others is what great leaders are made of.”

Teacher Alexis Neri recognized Adrian Montano Lopez.

“Adrian is a hard-working, self-motivating young gentleman who shows leadership characteristics on a daily basis,” said Neri. “He always strives to do what is right and earn the highest grades.” Neri also said that Adrian’s determination and hard work inspire those around him. “I enjoy having him when I see him,” Neri said.

Teacher Juan Rodriguez recognized Samuel Ruiz’s leadership.

“Samuel has shown leadership characteristics in class,” said Rodriguez. “When the class needs someone to step up and help them out, he is the one to explain to his and help his peers.”


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