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By Jamie Stewart
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Mother and daughter taking a chance


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Jamie Stewart | The Shafter Press

The Pompas' booth contains a variety of items from the present and the past.

A Shafter mother and daughter have taken a leap of faith, opening a booth in a popular antique shop in Bakersfield.

Michelle and Adrianna Pompa have a display at the Timeless Antique Shop, 1415 19th St. The duo offers a great variety of items, from timeless décor items to homemade items that are created by Adrianna.

Jamie Stewart | The Shafter Press

Adrianna Pompa has been in business for a few years now.

Adrianna, who works for the county superintendent of schools, has had her own business for a few years now, creating her own soaps, scrubs, loofahs and earrings. She was having trouble finding products that didn't irritate her sensitive skin. After doing some research online, she ended up producing her own products. She started selling the items at pop-up events in the area, giving residents a healthy option for their skin. Her mother, Michelle, who had been active in selling items that she had found or created, teamed up with Adrianna and began joining her at some events.

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This project proved to be successful, and they thought about branching out to an even larger audience. They then decided to take a chance and rent a space at the antique store.

Michelle said that she is having such a good time doing this with her daughter. "It has been a hobby and it just grew. I love creating items other people will love. You send pictures of your booth for other people to enjoy and come visit."


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