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Wasco to get $250k to fight fentanyl abuse

Wasco will get a $250,000 state grant to fight fentanyl abuse under the Fentanyl Misuse and Overdose Prevention Task Force Bill introduced by Assemblymember Jasmeet Bains, as the City Council approved final paper work at a special meeting last week.

"This drug is not just a stand-alone drug. People are lacing this drug into all kinds of other drugs, trying to get those people hooked on it," said Chief Charles Fivecoat.

The city plans on spending $75,000 on personnel costs, $100,000 on training and equipment, $30,000 on community education, and $45,000 on operational expenses.

Fivecoat explained at Wednesday meeting that the city decided not to hire any additional personnel for the project. "We are going to be joining other cities in Kern County to make one large task force that will operate in each city but will be analyzed by one hired person. Arvin is hiring a crime analyst, so he will be analyzing reports and statistics for all of the participating cities," he said.

He also said that there will be several programs in Wasco to educate the public on the dangers of fentanyl and also will have resources available for residents to aid in the fight against the drug, including reviving the department's PAL program.

"We are excited about getting the PAL program up and running. We think that it will be a very positive asset when it comes to communicating with the community, as well as reaching the youth of Wasco," Fivecoat said .


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