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Mystery History - July 4, 2024

Here's this week's challenge, courtesy of the Shafter Historical Society. If you know the location, circumstances, exact or rough date and/or people in the photo, send your educated (or semieducated) guess to The Press, 455 Kern St., Suite E, Shafter, CA 93263, or e-mail it to [email protected]. Winners will be revealed here next week. LAST WEEK: Dolly Hei had the correct answer. Marjorie Liles (Haworth) took the photo at the Shafter swimming pool on July 13, 1950. The young people are Harvey Reimer, with Wilma Boucher on shoulders; Arnold Scott with Arden Armour; Peet Hei with Dolly Mixon; and Bud Nance with Sylvia Fitzpatrick. The blonde boy in front is Harvey Stone.


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