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By Jamie Stewart
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Editor's Note - Jan. 24, 2019

Beauty in the eye of the beholder


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Well, the Colours Festival is almost upon us, and I am getting excited about going to the events. Every year, it seems it keeps getting better. I never realized how many talented people, we have in our communities until they had an avenue to display it, such as this event.

Everyone has different tastes in art, as with anything else, and this event has something for all tastes.

If you don’t find a play to be very interesting, maybe you will be intrigued by the sculptures and paintings in the Art Gallery. Or, if you love music, the Coffee House Music session at the Brookside Deli is awesome. I like a lot of different kinds of art. I love looking at the paintings at the Gallery, the sculptures, especially when you can ask the artist what the pieces mean to them. It is interesting to talk to them and find out the story or thought behind the pieces.

I was thinking the other day how great it is that we live in a city where people have an outlet like this event to showcase their talents. It gives the artists some pleasure having other people look at their works, as it is a joy for the viewer to take in the beauty of the object. This also brought to mind how different we are as individuals when it comes to what we think beauty is.

One person who goes to the Gallery and sees a painting of a woman staring at a little girl playing might get a warm feeling, picturing the lady reminiscing about her own childhood as she watches the little girl.

Another person might look at the same painting and see pain in the lady’s eyes, reflecting a lifetime of missed opportunities, wishing for a second chance to do things differently.

With me, I love movies, as does my wife. But, if you look at our movie collections, you can see how people can differ so much when it comes to the arts. My wife loves romantic comedies and dramas. Her collection has a lot of films that others would deem as “chick flicks.” They have romantic leads who find each other against all odds, blah!, blah!, blah!. When we go to the movies, it is usually to watch a movie that both of us will enjoy. This can be a challenge sometimes. For one, it is getting more difficult to find a movie that is not either a blood bath, or a mind-numbing sequence of blasts and explosions.

Part of the challenge is that I love goofy comedies. Sit me in front of the television and I can watch Ace Ventura movies until the next morning. My all-time favorite movie is “Jaws.” I don’t know how many times I have watched it. I know every line of the film and even have watched the special editions that have scenes that never made it to the movie. My family cringes whenever they hear the thundering beat of the theme music coming from the family room. My wife thinks that these movies are just plain stupid. Well, she may be right. But, as they say, to each his own. As with people who enjoy different kinds of art, it is the same with almost anything in the world. That is why there are so many different kinds of food, art, movies, books, people ourselves.

This year, when the festival arrives, try stepping out of your comfort zone and go see a play, or go the gallery, or the silent movie. Maybe you can go watch the artistry which is the Shafter Symphony Orchestra perform. Whatever event you choose you go to, make sure to go in with an open mind, a receiving attitude and a blank canvas on your heart that can be filled with those wonderful works of art.

—Jamie Stewart is editor of The Shafter Press. This column does not necessarily reflect the views of the paper or its management.


Reader Comments

Eddieca writes:

I really enjoyed reading this, it made giggle. I can't wait to go to the Colours event. It will be my first time. Also, Jaws is my little girls favorite, she has loved it since she was a 4years old.


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