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 By Toni DeRosa    Opinion

Editor's Note: Amtrak station's demolition is a loss for Wasco

I am saddened to see the demolition of the Wasco Amtrak station. I was the editor when the Wasco Amtrak station held its ribbon cutting ceremony, and I remember how proud City... — Updated 1/6/2022

 By Toni DeRosa    Opinion

This virus is no joking matter

Covid-19 isn't something to take lightly. From personal experience, it can be terrifying when you continue having new and different symptoms on a daily basis. I am one of the lucky... — Updated 1/6/2022


Pastor's Corner: Freedom

Whenever I think of the month of July I tend to think of the word "freedom" due to the July 4th holiday (fireworks too). We certainly enjoy and hopefully appreciate the many freedoms we have in the United States, not just on July... — Updated 10/15/2021


Pastor's Corner: Spread the message that saves the world

Is it safe to say that for the past year and a half we have been on an emotional rollercoaster? A year and a half ago we had never heard the word covid before. Since then it has... — Updated 7/3/2021


Couch's Corner:

Last year, state and local governments nationwide encountered a once-in- a-generation global pandemic. Our community remained resilient, and the Kern County Department of Public Health ensured combating the virus was a top... — Updated 6/29/2021


Pastor's Corner: Time is a present

Time is a present. As King Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a... — Updated 6/29/2021


OPINION: Creating an impact in many fields

Farmworker Institute of Education and Leadership Development enjoyed participating in the Wasco C.A.R.E event this past Friday and wanted to pass this on to share a little more... — Updated 6/29/2021


Pastor's Corner: Encourage yourself in the Lord

Encourage – To give someone courage, hope or confidence. Discourage – To deprive courage, dishearten, or be disapproving. Life, itself, will discourage us at times. People will... — Updated 5/6/2021


Couch's Corner: Sunset Middle School renovation project

One of the most rewarding experiences of serving as Fourth District supervisor is working with young adults that share an idealism and belief that no limits can stop what they can accomplish. I was reminded of this when I met with... — Updated 4/19/2021


Pastor's Corner: What you lose not being a Christian

Let me start by saying that the Christian life in the greatest life there is. It is so much better than my old life. I praise God that He rescued me from a life of hopelessness and... — Updated 4/19/2021


Pastor's Corner: Words can bless and they can curse

How can one live in peace in a hostile world? 1 Peter 3:10-12: For “He who would love life And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking... — Updated 4/12/2021


Couch's Corner: Ag and energy working collaboratively

I love it when Ag and energy work together in Kern County to show the world how to do things better and this week, it happened again. The two industries worked together in Arvin at Tasteful Selections, a pioneer producer and... — Updated 4/4/2021


Pastor's Corner: Water walker

Have you ever had a problem so big only God could fix it? You may be going through a storm right now and you see no way out. All of us have storms in our lives. You are either in a... — Updated 4/4/2021


Pastor's Corner: Spring

Spring is one of those times of year that has a certain "fresh start" to it, perhaps similar to the New Year feel in January. It's a time of year when we begin seeing more flowers, bees, longer days, time change and a general... — Updated 3/30/2021

 By David Couch    Opinion

Couch's Corner: Vaccinations in Lost Hills

With special thanks to so many who have worked to get the vaccines out throughout Kern County and in particular, District 4, this week I am pleased to announce a couple more hard-to-reach District 4 communities will be able to get... — Updated 3/30/2021


Pastor's Corner: Depression

Depression is something we never really want to confront, or discuss. However, at some point in our lives every one of us will experience, at the very least, some symptom(s) of... — Updated 3/22/2021


Couch's Corner: Spring

Spring is around the corner, and with it, spring cleanups. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that this month the Board of Supervisors approved the bylaws and the formation of the Keep Kern Beautiful Committee, of which you... — Updated 3/6/2021


Pastor's Corner: More blessed

In Acts 20:35, Paul says, “I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more... — Updated 2/27/2021


Letter to the Editor: Dumping 'epidemic'

I have lived almost my entire life here in rural Wasco one mile away from where I was born at the peak of the “Dust Bowl.” In the last 25 years a problem has become of epidemic proportion – the dumping of city waste onto road... — Updated 2/16/2021

 By David Couch    Opinion

Couch's Corner: Aiding the Homeless

One good thing leads to another. While we are anticipating a navigation center for the homeless in Delano to be opening soon, the progress we made in Delano is helping us get programs in other rural communities going as well.... — Updated 2/16/2021


Pastor's Corner: Emulation

“For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps…” I Peter 2:21 I was watching the Heisman trophy... — Updated 2/6/2021


Pastor's Corner: Breathe again

As they rush me to the emergency room in the ambulance, I wondered how bad my situation was. The fear of not knowing was killing me. How serious was covid affecting me? We get to the emergency room and it was a scene of organized c... — Updated 2/2/2021


Couch's Corner: Resources for substance abuse

This week I want to share a program available in north Kern that may be just the thing your family needs to deal with an adult family member experiencing a substance-abuse crisis. If you have an adult family member or know someone... — Updated 1/18/2021


Pastor's Corner: Seeing through the fog

For the past couple of weeks there have been "dense fog" alerts on my phone's weather app. With that in mind, each morning I've looked out the window of my home to see if it's foggy or clear. Although many mornings have been... — Updated 1/9/2021


Starting the comeback year

It was a year many of us will remember for all the wrong reasons. Never has there been so much change in so little time. The coronavirus took us all by surprise, never realizing how it would affect our lives. How could we have... — Updated 1/9/2021


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