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  • Pastor's Corner - Jan. 31, 2019

    Jim Neal|Updated Jan 31, 2019

    “The fear of becoming a ‘has been’ keeps some people from becoming anything.” --Eric Hoffer I had never heard of Mr. Eric Hoffer until one week while preparing a sermon for Sunday. I read this quote in a theological commentary and it captured my attention. It was used to show the frivolity and flighty experience of living in the world of novelty. Briefly defined as always talking and seeking new endeavors. (see Acts 17:21) Got anyone in mind when you read that statement … our world is full of those who seek new experienc...

  • Church Directory - Jan. 24, 2019

    The Shafter Press|Updated Jan 24, 2019

    Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus Pastor: Jose Perez 30372 Richland St. 661-746-3648, 661-345-4828 Sunday: Bilingual service 1:30 p.m.; Thursday: Bilingual Bible study 7 p.m. Assembly of God Pastor: Charles Toy 150 Elm St. 661-746-3361 Weekly services: Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship and Children’s Church 10:30 a.m.; Sunday evening 6 p.m.; Wednesday evening 6:45 p.m. (Prayer, Missionettes and Royal Rangers) Calvary Chapel on Northwest Kern Pastor: Richard Long Meeting at the Walker Senior Center, 505 S...

  • Pastor's Corner - Jan. 17, 2018

    Pat Coyle, Mennonite Bethren Church, Shafter|Updated Jan 23, 2019

    As we begin a New Year, my mind almost always goes to Philippians 3:1-14. In this passage, Paul is reminding the church in Philippi about the dangers of putting confidence in our “flesh,” or our own self-efforts apart from dependence on the Lord. He’s also reflecting on his own journey of faith and honestly admits he falls short at times of the ideals of following the Lord. So what does Paul say we should do and what does that have to do with a new calendar year? Let me suggest several things: Be honest with where you are i...

  • Church directory

    The Shafter Press|Updated Jan 17, 2019

    Information for this listing comes from available sources or the churches directly. For additions or changes, contact Kobie Carrasco at 661-292-5100 or [email protected]. Apostolic Church 1820 D St. Phone: 661-758-3457 Apostolic Faith Temple 1802 F St. Phone: 661-758-5698 Bilingual Church/Seventh Day Adventist Church Pastor Luis Rendon 1010 Popular Ave 661-758-2315 Saturday Bible study 9:15 a.m., worship 11 a.m Central Missionary Baptist Church 1610 3rd St. Phone: 661-758-5515...

  • Pastor's Corner - Jan. 10, 2019

    Updated Jan 10, 2019

    “Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.” --Henry David Thoreau Ever seen the candy bar commercial on TV where the “biker dude” is getting a new tattoo, which is supposed to read NO REGRETS? Instead because the tattoo artist is a little famished and in need of a sugar fix, she tattoos his arm with the words NO REGERTS. How about that for a permanent NO REGRET? Regrets -- have any? Of course...