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Team at Sequoia Elementary helps deliver meals

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The staff at Sequoia Elementary School have been working hard to provide over 500 students with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lead by Dee Craig, the nutritional services staff helps between 550 and 625 students Monday through Friday, packing over 5,500 food items a day. These meals go to students on the Fresno Avenue and Shafter Farm Labor Camp bus routes.

Approximately 150 to 250 cars pass through the school's drive-thru pickup between noon and 1:30 p.m. every day.

Through the USDA Summer Seamless Feeding Option waiver, the Richland School District provides meals to children ages 2-18 through a drive-thru meal service at the district's three campuses as well as at various bus stops and through a mobile delivery route.

Mason Hollingsworth, director of Nutritional Services for the Richland School District, said that his dedicated staff has done a wonderful job in keeping the students able to eat nutritious and delicious meals daily.

"They have been working non-stop since the covid-19 closure, except for a small break for summer," Hollingsworth said. "These people deserve a big thank you for all of the hard work they have put in to keep our kids well-nourished and healthy."

The Sequoia Elementary staff include Ramona DeLaOlla, Sylvia Gonzalez, Nancy Hernandez, Francisca Herrera, Donna Nickel, Susan Shubin and Carmen Balderrama.


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