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Horse and donkey rescue relocates to Shafter

Shafter horses, donkeys and other animals have a new safe spot to land in town after All Seated in a Barn relocated to the area.

All Seated in a Barn is a horse and donkey rescue that has saved thousands of lives of the equine variety, from donkeys and horses to zebras.

Founder Tahlia Fischer was watching television a few years ago with her sister and a few friends. A commercial came on with a picture of a donkey that had a number on it. It was his slaughter date and the ad was a cry for help for this animal. Moved to tears, Fischer and her friends took action and had possession of the animal by the end of the week.

"I didn't know anything about donkeys," said Fischer, "But I knew that I wanted to save this guy and more like him."

Fischer said horses and donkeys can help many people, from veterans who need an outlet to people who need a friend to take care.

The organization is located off of Highway 43 near Imperial Way. They arrange adoptions, rescues and fundraising events. They also host weddings and special events at the site.

Another outlet for the organization is the therapy program. Fischer said horses are a great therapeutic tool for people.

"Our equine emotional therapy program stemmed from the result of simply being around the animals," she said. "It is amazing what connecting to an animal can do for your soul. It brings emotions, thoughts and feelings to the surface - it brings peace. Our animals have all been through something. Whether it is neglect, abandonment, abuse or just simply being discarded for old age, they, like all of us, are healing from something. This program is not just about you or about them, it is about all of us."


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