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Council celebrates 80th anniversary of Minter Field

The City Council recognized Minter Field as they celebrated their 80th year anniversary.

Minter Field marked the milestone with an event recognizing the 80 years since the site was dedicated.

On Saturday, Feb.7, 2942, the Air Field at Minter Field was dedicated to Hugh Minter, with the base being focal point of the war effort in Kern County in the early 1940s. Minter Field was one of the busiest training bases in the country, with a good portion of the pilots being used in the conflicts, having been trained on Minter Field soil and in the skies above Shafter.

The celebration was held on Saturday, Feb. 5. Two plaques were presented to the Minter Field directors. There was a crowd on hand at the base, with a lot of people going through the museum before and after the presentation. The plaques are from the offices of David Valadao and Rudy Salas.

According to Ronald Pierce, president of the Minter Field Air Museum, the base was responsible for training around 11,000 pilots during World War II. The base also served a crucial role in getting recruits trained throughout the different conflicts decades ago.

Pierce said for those who haven't been to the museum in a while, they get new and different displays all the time, and it is worth a trip to check out the history of Shafter and its role in US military history.

The museum has a collection of memorabilia, uniforms, weapons, and so much more from all of the conflicts.


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