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LaCarne Meat Market, a cut above the rest

Even as you enter the LaCarne Meat Market, grabbing the handles made from meat cleavers, you know you are in for a different experience.

The meat market opened this past August.

Owner Hugo Garcia said one difference in his market is the high quality of meat that they provide to customers.

"Our meat is graded, and we use only Choice and Prime cuts of meat," said Garcia.

Garcia also said this place is something that Shafter has needed for a long time, letting the residents experience a high quality cut of meat on their table.

"Some things you can cut corners on, or go the cheap route to save a little money, but when it comes to quality meat, it is worth the extra dollar a pound to be able to enjoy a great steak, or other piece of meat," he said.

Garcia is no stranger to the food business, starting the La Imperial Taco business with his mother and sister just a few years ago. LaCarne supplies the meat to La Imperial Taco.

Garcia said that their ribeye steaks are very popular, as well as their Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is set apart by its high grade and the fat in Wagyu melts in your mouth because of its lower melting temperature of its fat, resulting in a buttery, ultra rich flavor.

LaCarne also has a selection of sea food, with an array of shrimp and other fish.

The attention to detail is another thing that sets them apart from the rest, with the marbling of their meats, as well as the way the meat is butchered. Frank Duarte and Joe Navarro, who work at the market, have plenty of experience cutting meat.

"You usually have to go to a bigger city to get this grade of meat, usually settling for a cheaper, lower quality piece of meat," said Garcia. "We pride ourselves in giving the community a chance to enjoy a big city meat experience in a small town setting."


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