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Wasco High preparing youth for the future

On March 17, Wasco High School will host its annual Spring College and Career Fair for all of its students grades 9-12.

Colleges and employers will attend to allow youth to explore potential possibilities post-graduation.

"With this special event, students will be presented with a wide range of different schools, careers, and jobs," said Career Guidance Technician for Wasco High School Samantha Wymer. "We are very excited for them because this gives students the ability to meet with key representatives to establish professional and educational relationships. Students enjoy this fair because it gives them ideas they might not have thought when it comes to their future."

Cal State Bakersfield, Point Loma University, Grand Canyon University and San Joaquin Valley College will be among the many schools on hand to speak with students. West Tech, a vocational school, will participate for those students looking to learn more about careers in the electrical, construction, medical/dental, cosmetology, pharmacy and health care fields. The City of Wasco will also have an informational booth.

The career and college fair will provide students the chance to network. Over 80% of all job offers come through networking. Students will be able to speak one-on-one with recruiters and colleges. It will give them a positive start in their search for careers, schools, and internships. They can ask questions and get more information about the requirements to qualify for specific jobs and schools.

"Students will be introduced to other paths than just Wasco. There will be Bakersfield, Fresno, San Diego and Arizona schools. They can collect valuable information they can share with their family to help them prepare and make decisions for the next steps after high school," said Wymer. "This is particularly important as many students will be the first in their family to pursue higher education and might not be familiar with the process."

In preparation for attending university, Wymer also helps students navigate the financial aid component, which is critical as many Wasco High students might not have the means to pay for school out of pocket. This is crucial in assisting students with help realizing their educational aspirations and dreams.

Bakersfield College will be showcasing different programs that they offer like job training, nursing and criminal justice. The fire department and highway patrol will attend as well as various branches of the military to talk with students about careers in those fields.

"It will be especially beneficial for underclass students. They can go to different booths and see all the things that are offered and required for them to work towards so they can achieve those goals," said Wymer. "It is an excellent opportunity for kids to see all the endless options they have after high school. It will present them with alternative career and educational avenues they might not have thought about previously."


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