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Iron Valley Fitness creating a stronger community

Iron Valley Fitness believes that, without a doubt, regular exercise can benefit your health, mind and body. Not only does it boost energy, increase lean muscle mass, decrease risk for certain health conditions and help manage your weight, but it also improves mood and enables you to live longer.

Owners Aaron De Santiago, Arturo Perez and Gerardo Cano made Wasco their home in October of 2020. Since then, none of them have received a salary, and instead, they have been reinvesting their profits back into the gym to provide the best possible experience for their clients. "We have a unique setup and the most effective equipment on the market today. Our extensive rate of improvements to our gym is unparalleled to any other local gym," De Santiago said.

"I was motivated to open our gym because, at the time, there were no facilities that suited my needs in the area. I chose Wasco because a facility like ours didn't exist for the nearest 20 miles or more," De Santiago said. "I felt like people did not have a place to test or challenge themselves how they truly wanted. Other gyms are more corporate, and we wanted to provide a small-town feel that makes their participation more intimate.

"Also, we have the perfect location because it is situated between Wasco and Shafter so that we can serve both communities."

The gym owner encourages healthy habits – and lives that philosophy.

"Everyone's life is better the stronger they are; our gym promotes just that for people. I believe fitness should be a part of your life, so I made it a part of mine. At Iron Valley Fitness, we make working out fun. We have a unique atmosphere that lacks stigma compared to your typical commercial gym. We offer an environment that encourages our clients to train all out and not limit their efforts or exertion."

Iron Valley Fitness has very affordable monthly membership fees that start at $30 a month. They are shifting the gyms hours to be open 24 hours a day and adding more classes and trainers to better accommodate people's busy schedules and provide more flexibility. "Our prices will slightly increase to reflect the added amenities," De Santiago said.

Boot camp-style classes are free to all members. Day passes with classes included are also available. There are five trainers on hand for clients to reach their optimal goals and improve their general health and well-being. "Combined, they have over 40 years of invaluable experience to help our clients better," De Santiago said.

"I would like the community to know that we are here to be of service to them because I believe a stronger individual leads to a stronger community. For those that might be intimidated, I would urge you to see it is an investment in yourself. It is normal to be embarrassed about trying something new, and I am telling you it's an opportunity to learn and live a healthier life. The benefits are endless."

[BEGIN ITAL]Iron Valley Fitness is located at 1025 F St. Call (661) 888-0800 for more information and currnet hours.


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