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Wasco Bengals Cheer hosts tryouts

Wasco Bengals held their annual tryouts and 170 girls turned out for the event. They are a cheerleading program for youth ages 6-14.

"Our organization is special because we are a small community, and we see each other as family. The goal is to mold these girls to be the best they can be," said cheer representative for the Wasco Bengals Cynthia Torres. "I love seeing the girls grow up and move into high school and later college. Their smile and their joy mean so much to me."

The Bengals reported this year was the most girls that have ever tried out.

"I think we are doing something right because our tryouts brought out the most girls ever this year. Last year we had 95, so we are growing and headed in the right direction," Torres said.

Each year the girls must try out to be on the team.

"I was nervous to try out but was excited at the same time. It is preparing me to be a cheerleader in high school, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn jumps, dances, stunts and cheers," Alyssa Torres said. She is a 6th grader trying out for the varsity team. "I am looking forward to joining the team again this year. In the past, I have been to the national championships in Las Vegas, where we won first prize. It makes me proud that all of our hard work paid off."

Many of the girls have been cheering for many years, some over 10. Layla Chavez started at the age of six.

"It has been much fun, and my favorite part of it all is performing, which I have done over 60 times at schools, games, events and competitions," Chavez said.

The coaches play an important role during tryouts. They are there to not only teach but encourage and motivate the girls to bring their A-game in all aspects of their lives.

"What I love most about being a coach is that I can positively influence the girls, helping them be better people and preparing them for their junior and high school years," Sophomore coach Sabrina Miramontes said. "The best part about teaching is seeing that they gain confidence in themselves. Also, most girls that make the team don't come from the same schools, which means they can make new friends from other schools."

Sophomore coach Yesenia Padilla said she coaches to give back to the community.

"I enjoy being a cheer coach because when I went through the program, it made me who I am today, which is respectful, responsible and outgoing. I want the same for the younger generation," Padilla said.

Judge Sydney Mehlberg said there are some specific qualities they look for.

"I am looking for spirit, good motion technique and overall excitement to be here participating. We are looking for potential, not perfection. Key to this is seeing the girls who try out happy and having a good time," said Mehlberg.

"We are here to build strong young ladies and instill in them the belief that they can achieve anything they want. The tryouts are the first step in our effort to bring out that strength," cheer advisor for the varsity team Ruth Loza said.

Call Cynthia Torres at 661-910-6267 or follow them on Facebook at Wasco Bengals Cheer for more information about the program.


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