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School spirit in full bloom at Wasco High School

Wasco High School hosted their Spirit Week for students to enjoy a warm day of fun, activities, music and great energy. The Associated Student Body organized the festivities.

"The purpose of the celebration is to get our students involved and support the different clubs on campus. It is a special event because it gives them something exciting to do right before their spring break," said Activities Coordinator Hailey Coyle.

"Spirit Week spreads good vibes and positive and motivational messages to inspire our students to go after their dreams," said Coyle.

The week's overall theme was to promote kindness at school and in their everyday lives.

Kaitlyn Garza said, "I think it's amazing. Everyone needs to learn how to be more kind to one another."

"It is awesome to get everyone together, sharing kindness," said Izabella Heredia.

The week consisted of various dress-up days like tie-dye, the '70s, tourist day and tiger pride.

Noah Paramo said, "Everybody got to show off their different fashion styles and how they interpreted the themes. People were creative and had a good time expressing themselves."

"I dressed up because I wanted to show my school spirit," said Gerry Rios.

The Junior, Sophmore, FFA, Traveling Tigers and Maya clubs were on hand to sell a variety of food, drinks, and snacks to raise money.

Funds made from the event will be used to support their club programs.

"Our Maya club is raising money to assist families that need help during the holidays. We make food baskets for them that we deliver on Thanksgiving and Christmas," said Montserrat Villagomez.

"Today, we sold tacos de carne asada, and we sold out. We were happy with our sales as this will enable us to realize our goal to do good in our community," said Villagomez.

The Junior Club sold cold soft drinks to raise money for their senior year activities like field trips and other enrichment programs.

"If we keep our fundraiser efforts going, we should reach our goal to pay for all of our plans we have for our senior year," said Daniela Ruiz.

Reyes Gomez of the FFA Club said, "Our sales were excellent. We raised a lot of money to be able to subsidize field trips for our members that may not be able to afford it."

Students were happy they participated.

Rebecca Reyes said, "It's cool to get everyone to spend quality time with friends before our senior year."

"I liked it because we all got to kick back and make the best of it," said Vivian Vargas. "We laughed and made memories."

"It was a blast. I thought it was neat to hang out outside the classroom," said Mia Fernandez.

Spirit Week returned after a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic.

"I think it was wonderful to get the kids to enjoy the sunny weather doing something we haven't done in the last two years because of Covid-19. They missed out on so much during that time, so it is nice for them to socialize and finally enjoy high school," said teacher Denise Morales.


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