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Tiny kitten saved

A kitten was rescued from a storm drain thanks to the collaboration of the Public Works Department, Mayor Gilberto Reyna and several good samaritans.

The tiny kitten was trapped in a storm drain located at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Margalo Street.

Wasco resident Iris Paredes Ruiz said she heard crying from inside the sewer.

"My son, Antonio Chayanne, ran to the house to get something to lift the drain cover. However, once we removed the cover, we realized we would need more serious help," Paredes Ruiz said .

"The kitten was scared, and we worried about its safety with the heat. I am an animal lover, and my heart hurt knowing the kitten was suffering."

Another resident attempted to save the kitten and entered the drain to no avail.

Paredes Ruiz then posted a video message on social media asking for assistance. Mayor Reyna responded and called Public Works Director Luis Villa, who dispatched the Wastewater Department and Animal Control to the scene.

Working together, they successfully saved the kitten without injury, and it is now safe at the animal shelter.

"I was overjoyed with the news. Hopefully, someone will adopt the sweet kitten soon and provide a loving home," said Paredes Ruiz.

"This clearly shows how Public Works staff strives to provide the best service to the citizens of Wasco. No matter the situation, we are here to help,"Villa said.

"Without the intervention of our Wastewater and Animal Control personnel, the kitten would have certainly perished, for it couldn't escape from the storm drain on its own," said Mayor Reyna.

It was a team effort.

"The rescue was accomplished by Animal Control and Wastewater department putting their knowledge together to make this rescue successful, once again showing the continuity between departments to provide great service to the community," said Villa.

"It was private citizens and the city staff's combined prompt efforts that saved the kitten and provided for a happy outcome. They both took action, which resulted in rescuing a vulnerable animal in trouble," said Mayor Reyna.

The Public Works Wastewater staff's action to rescue the trapped kitten went beyond their regular duties.

"This is an example of what you can expect from our department," said Villa.

For more information on how to adopt the kitten or any other animal at the Wasco Animal Shelter, call 661-758-7240.


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