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Girls golf team shines

The Wasco High School girl's varsity golf team has had an outstanding season thus far. They are ranked number one in the league and just came back from taking four wins at the South Sequoia League mini tournament.

Edward Moreno is the team's coach and has almost 28 years of coaching experience.

There are eight players on the team, including seniors Lilliana Valdez and Rose Lopez, juniors Liz Millar, Amber Newby and Raylene Hernandez, and sophomores Abby Salazar, Sesilia Rodriguez and Victoria Carreno.

The team is relatively new, with just 1 1/2 years under its belt.

"The commitment towards each other and the game of golf is amazing. To see them excel in such a brief time and see the things they are doing is remarkable," said Coach Moreno.

He added, "What makes them an anomaly is that even within this short period, it seems like they have been playing their whole lives. Golf is such a hard sport. The compliments I get from other coaches is that they know exactly what they are doing."

They work hand in hand together.

"Something that makes them unique is that they all have different personalities but are able to understand and encourage each other," said Coach Moreno.

The girls are exceptional student-athletes and work just as hard in school as they do on the course.

"On average, they have a 4.2 GPA and are all part of the Wonderful Academy program," said Coach Moreno.

The team puts in many hours of practice.

'We've worked very hard since January, over the summer and pre-season. We have been going at it nonstop," Rose Lopez said.

Coach Moreno said, "I set the pre-season up for them to play with the best against teams such Garces, Central Valley Christian and Liberty, some of the most competitive schools in the Valley."

Coach Moreno has big expectations for the team.

"I would like to have five girls make first in All League and one girl to be MVP of the SSL."

The girls are excited about the season.

"The season is going off just as I expected to be like last year when we were undefeated SSL champs and hope to have that title again this year," said Lilliana Valdez.

Lopez said, "We are having a great season because we have gone undefeated and broken our school record. I hope we can break many more with the rest of the matches we have left."

Of their coach, Valdez said, "He pushes us to do our best, and he has goals for us. He makes sure we work hard for them."

"He is willing to do anything for us. He cares for our team a lot."

The girls enjoy playing together.

"What I like most about playing golf is that I am able to play with my teammates. They are like my sisters and make golf more enjoyable," said Valdez.

Lopez said, "I think we have a great support system, and we all try to do our best for one another. We all get along well and are like a family."

Important life lessons are learned.

"The game of golf gives me more perspective when dealing with a difficult situation and allows me to handle my emotions better," said Lopez.

"It has taught me responsibility and how to manage my time," said Valdez.

The team counts on the financial support of key sponsors such as Todd Millar, Paul Farm AG Management, Creative Builders and Gebhardt Farm Management, to name a few.

"We can play a rich person's sport without being rich, and we couldn't do it without them."

Coach Moreno is very optimistic.

"These girls are special and are going to accomplish all of the goals they have set out this year to finish strong."


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