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Wasco addresses illegal dumping

The City of Wasco's Code Compliance, American Refuse, local groups, and businesses are partnering to keep Wasco beautiful. A community clean-up day will take place on Saturday, November 19, at Barker Park from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Residents can drop off their bulky waste items at the event, like old furniture, home appliances, TVs, mattresses, e-waste and water heaters.

Trash, commercial waste, construction or remodeling scraps, hazardous materials and green waste cannot be accepted.

If one does not have transportation to transport the waste, there is a service for curbside pickup. Code Compliance will go to your address and pick it up. There is a maximum of four items.

This is only open to the first 30 residents who register. Keep in mind that the pickup must be within city limits.

Sergio Gonzalez of Code Compliance said it is important to have the pickup component because many residents don't have an opportunity to take items to the dump themselves.

"Many residents don't have vehicles, and citizens rely on these community clean-ups to remove items from their property," Gonzalez said.

He added, "Overall, we are trying to prevent as much illegal dumping as possible and provide an avenue for residents to get rid of their bulky trash conveniently."

Gonzalez believes it is an opportunity for the community to show pride in the city and an opportunity for the city to stay connected with residents showing them that they care.

According to him, illegal dumping is an issue around town in the alleys, especially.

"This clean up is definitely helping to keep the illegal waste down."

On the event day, volunteers will also assist by working together to clean up alleys.

"We will provide all of the bags, gloves and tools to do so."

Code Compliance is looking for more volunteers to help.

"It is all volunteer based. We have sponsors and donations, but the actual groundwork has to be handled by volunteers," Gonzalez said.

"Whether these volunteers are minors or adults, they will be chaperoned when they clean up trash throughout the neighborhoods."

Laws are written if there is trash with an address associated with it; you are held liable and can be cited.

"One can be cited for having trash around their homes and in their alleys," Gonzalez said.

Part of Code Compliance's goal is responding to properties that have unwanted trash that may harbor rodents or waste that is visible to the public.

What is seen most that are illegally dumped are mattresses, furniture and appliances.

The community clean-up saves residents money from having to drive to the dump.

"It's saving gas and fees associated with certain items that need to be dumped and provides a convenience of not having to go so far out of town," Gonzalez said.

To people that illegally dump, Gonzalez would like to remind them that when one does so, it becomes someone else's property.

"It becomes someone else's problem, and someone has to take the time and effort to throw it away where that time could be used to do something better."

The community is also invited to organize their own neighborhood clean-ups, and supplies like gloves, trash bags, vests and handheld trash grabbers can be provided.

"The city has equipment and resources to help with any local community clean-up to collect trash or clean up graffiti," Gonzalez said.

These community clean-ups have become bi-annual events held in the spring and fall.

The event is made possible thanks to the sponsors, including American Refuse, Kern County Public Works and Wasco Recreation and Parks District.

To register for curbside pickup or more information, including volunteering, call Code Compliance at (661) 758- 7216 or (661) 758-7213.


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