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Initiation highlights PEO meeting

The local chapter of PEO recently gathered

for an afternoon tea at the home of

Carol Olsen. The meeting was conducted

by Judy Proffitt, recently installed as president,

assisted by her board members and

committee chairs.

Highlights of the meeting included

the ceremony of initiation of two new

members, Judy Myers and Anna Balentine.

Karen Holtermann presented an informative

and enlightening presentation entitled

“The Gleaming American

Flag” which included

a lesson in the proper way

to fold a flag. The program

was in keeping with

the current theme “Free to

Sparkle” and in honor of

Veterans' Day.

The main purpose of

PEO is to provide encouragement

and support to

help women realize their

potential primarily through

education. The group is involved

in a number of projects

and fundraisers to generate

funds for scholarships

and awards. But this year

a unique project has been

undertaken by the local JT

chapter to provide outreach

to the community. Member

Tina Newman connected

the members with clients at

CSO (Community Support

Options) through a letter

exchange similar to pen pals. Tina, Program

Specialist at CSO, had the clients write letters

to PEO members. The project allowed

the clients to connect with other adults in

the community as well as practice communication

skills. They also learned the correct

forms of letter writing and how to address

envelopes. PEO members sent cards

and letters in return... a mutually rewarding

experience for all.

Next month the members will have a

holiday auction and fundraiser and will host

the annual Christmas party for friends and



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