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Once a General, always a General

There is an adage that has been around Shafter High throughout its history, “Once a General, Always a General.” This adage is no more evident this past week with the Shafter High Generals football team bringing the school’s first Valley championship since 1955. The city is full of Generals, young and old, rejoicing the victory. From store clerks, students, teachers, business owners, everyone is a proud General.

The win has touched the entire city in a very positive way, giving all SHS alumni a spring in their step. Principal Russell Shipley said, “Words cannot

describe how proud we are as a school and community. It’s almost unbelievable that is has been 67 years since we have gone this far with our program. This is once again an example of the hard work, grit, work ethic and determination that our students, school, coaches and community always

possess and exemplify.”

This sentiment is echoed by other Shafter alumni. “I am so proud to be a General right now,” said Elijah Hermes, who went to Shafter High over 50 years ago. “We are on top again, this is just a great feeling.”

Mando Perez, who has been following the team this season and taking pictures of the journey, said that he is so happy to be a part of this special experience. “I am so proud of their hard work, perseverance, and the willingness to push through every obstacle. I was able to capture

the football season with my camera lens, video, or sitting in the stands cheering. Every Shafter JV football player, and Shafter Commander will work hard to continue this success.”


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