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Planet Dance celebreates 20th year

Planet Dance Studio celebrated its 20th anniversary in grand with a Christmas-themed 'Sleigh Ride' recital for an audience of over 500 people.

The event took place at the Shafter High School auditorium. There were 65 girls ages four to 17 that performed 19 different dance routines in the genres of tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop.

Five instructors trained the girls and choreographed the numbers, which the girls pulled off seamlessly with great technique and presentation.

They danced to classic and modern-day Christmas music and were dressed in custom-made costumes in line with the occasion.

Studio director Jacob Hernandez said it was an incredible way to end the dance season.

The girls practiced from February to December. It is their biggest recital of the year.

He shared that the event was fabulous.

"The girls love the stage. Their smiles were beaming, and they were on point and sharp, executing the choreography perfectly."

Hernandez said that the entire show was amazing.

"Every routine was great. Every student gave it their all. It takes a lot of hard work to remember and perform the choreography in front of a large audience."

The father-daughter dance was a highlight.

"It's a special number between fathers and daughters. They have that memory for the rest of their lives."

Hernandez said that the girls look forward to the recital all year long.

"They were so excited because they love putting on their costumes and getting their hair and makeup done. They love practicing at the auditorium and being with their friends. It's just a fun time."

Hernandez stated the recital was an absolute celebration honoring all of the studios' success throughout the years.

He added that the event brings the art of dance to the communities of Shafter and Wasco.

"There is nothing like this in these communities."

The dancers take away many disciplines.

"We instill in them time management, dedication and developing social skills that they carry for the rest of their lives."

He shared that they also learn self-confidence with each performance.

"It takes a lot of guts to get on that stage in front of hundreds of people."

Hernandez said the dancers get much satisfaction with the experience of seeing their families, parents and friends cheering for them.

"It's such a great feeling for them."

Registration for season 21 of the year 2023 will begin in January, starting on the 11th, followed by the 18th and 25th, ending on February 1st from 5 pm - 9 pm.

"One can come to the studio to sign up on any of those days in that time frame."

Classes begin Monday, February 6th.

No experience is needed.

"We encourage anyone and everyone to come in and sign up."

Hernandez continued, "I want to thank our members and the community for again another wonderful season. We look forward to serving the community for 20 more years to come."

For prices and schedules, go to their website or call (661) 240-5924.


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