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Vendors bring variety to Tin Cup's Coffee Collaborative

A Coffee Collaborative event was held at Shafter's Tin Cup on Saturday, giving local shoppers a chance to get a variety of items all in one place. These events have grown in popularity in the last two years, being a big bright spot in the years of the pandemic.

At the Tin Cup event, there were over 30 vendors on hand, selling a variety of items, including home décor, clothing, baked goods and homemade beauty products.

Haley Plaza managed an active spot at the event. Her business has grown to be one of the most popular businesses in town, selling her signature breads, scones and flavored olive oils. Plaza has seen her business grow in the past two years, building a large clientele that includes online business, Instagram followers, and shoppers at various pop-up events.

Adrianna Pompa was also there, selling her homemade soaps, scrubs, loofahs and earrings. Pompa developed the idea when she had trouble finding soap products that she could use that wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin. After research online, she developed her own recipes for soaps and scrubs, using hypoallogenic ingredients and learning how to create the products herself. She now has a blooming business that has a large following, buying her products at various events and online.

Rachel Unger was selling her homemade products, too. She said that she began weaving over a year ago to earn extra income. She weaves around items such as antique pitchforks and horseshoes to create a brand new product. Unger also weaves strands into holders to hold beads that are used as diffusers. These diffusers contain a variety of different fragrances that are used as car air fresheners. The beads absorb the oils, then release the fragrance gradually, giving the vehicle a bright and fresh smell.

Unger said that she can create the smaller weaves in a couple of hours, with the larger and more intricate weaves, such as the large pitchforks, taking several hours to create.

Shoppers interested in Unger's products can go to her Instagram at @r_u_designs, or call her at 661-363-3267.


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