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Wasco welcomes back beloved educator Cobb

After a long battle against pancreatic cancer, Rob Cobb finally returned home toa moving tribute to welcome him back to Wasco. Hundreds of community members came to show their respect and love for him and his family.

Juan Gallardo, a close friend, said, "Learning he has limited time, I woke up one day and said if he is coming home, we need people to see him for one last time. Though we are hoping and praying for a miracle."

"It was amazing, and it just so happened to fall on his 50th birthday. It was incredible we had the opportunity to reach out to people, some of which cut their vacation short to attend the event."

The streets were lined with large cheering crowds as Rob and his family passed by in their vehicle. A Kern County Fire Department truck escorted the Cobb family into Wasco, and you could hear many people screaming, "We love you."

Wasco High School cheerleaders, administrative staff, teachers, coaches, sports teams and janitors came to support him.

There were also different leaders from the local middle and elementary schools, district board members, churches, people from Shafter and the Orange Heart Foundation.

Rob's wife, Keri Cobb, said, "Our family was so honored and humbled by the outpouring of love and kindness we were shown as we were welcomed home by our community."

"Seeing and hearing what my husband means to you all is a balm to my breaking heart and a gift to our whole family."

The Wasco Rose Festival Group organized the event.

Member Sharon Sharp said, "Juan brought the idea to us, and we immediately said, what do you need, coach?"

She continued. "We are so blessed that the community came out and poured all their love, positivity and prayers toward the Cobb family. Today is a testament to what makes Wasco so special."

Many city representatives also paid their respects, including City Manager Scott Hurlbert, Mayor Pro Tem Alex Garcia, Planning Commissioner Petra Rueda, City Clerk Maria Martinez and Councilmembers Gilberto Reyna and Valentin Medina.

Mayor Pro Tem Garcia shared, "He is a dedicated member of the education community and has made a positive impact on the lives of many students at WHS throughout his years of service."

He added, "We are holding the Cobb family in our prayers."

Councilmember Reyna said the event was a nice show of affection and that there were many teary-eyed, including himself.

"We wanted to show Rob and his family that we care about him and his family, that we appreciate them, and that we are happy he is able to return home."

Gallardo said, "Rob is an important person in our town."

His is a success story as he worked his way up from teacher, vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent to the superintendent role for Wasco Union High School District.

Rob raised all three of his children here in Wasco. He also invited a young high school student into his home and helped him get on his feet.

Gallardo said, "It shows how good of a man he was being a teacher and bringing in a teenage boy to raise him alongside his daughters."

Sharp shared that a highlight was the look of happiness on Rob's face.

"He didn't expect today, and just watching him take in the joy in the midst of everything going on was meaningful. It was one of those moments that will stay with us forever."

Keri Cobb said she is grateful.

"Thank you to everyone who came together to make this happen and who showed up to welcome Rob home and wish him a happy birthday. Thank you for loving us so well."


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