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Residents don't get sandbagged when they see a need

Recently, a Shafter resident saw a need, asked for help and got it for the whole city.

An employee of the Shafter Press, Erica Soriano, and her daughter, Chloe Hathcock, were concerned about the upcoming storms and how they could help their relatives who live in the Fresno Avenue area of Shafter prepare for the forecasted rains.

Soriano called the cityys Public Works Department to inquire about the availability of sand bags for residents. She was told that the city did not supply sand bags and referred her to the Fire Department. When she contacted the Fire Department, she was told that they have bags but they do not have any sand.

Concerned, Erica contacted Press Editor Jamie Stewart, who then contacted the Fire Department and was told that the department no longer supplied them. “I don’t know when we stopped doing it, but we don’t supply them any more,” said Sergeant Stevens of the Shafter Fire Department Station 32. He said residents should fend for themselves and head to the story. “I would advise them to visit their local hardware store and check to see if they have any sand bags,” he said.

When Stewart contacted Public Works, he left a message for Public Works Director Michael James. James called Stewart back later in the afternoon. James said that the city no longer provides sand bags, but he said that they were going to set up a self-serve sand bag station at their location on on East Ashe. James said that they would have a large pile of sand

and bags for residents to have. “They would just need to bring their own shovel. We are wanting

to help those concerned about the flooding possibilities.” James said that the city would not be

there to assist people but they would be monitoring the station to make sure there remains

enough sand and bags for everyone who wants them. The sand bag station was started on

Saturday, Jan. 13, and was still there at press time.

When contacted, Soriano and her daughter were happy that the city had taken the time to listen to

their residents.


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