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Artist hanging new art in library

Charlotte White, who has works of art hanging all over Shafter and Kern County, has two new pieces on display at the Shafter Library and Learning Center.

Director David Frantz assisted White in hanging her new pieces, which illustrate different landscapes and an orchard.

White has been painting for over 50 years and is an award-winning artist and educator. She taught at Oaks Valley Charter School for almost 10 years, with stints at Liberty High School and other institutions on her resume.

White loves to teach art, as well as displaying her talent for people to appreciate. White also completed a series a couple of years ago titled Icons of Bakersfield. White spent time outside of different iconic locations in Bakersfield and painted the sites, including the historic Luigi's Restaurant. "I love going on location and painting as I am gazing at the subject. I also like to capture people at work," said White. White did just that outside of Shafter, when she was allowed into the grape fields outside of town, giving people a glimpse of a work day of a field worker as he toils in the heat.

You can also go into City Hall, or just about any city building in town and find works of White's on display, including a painting of the Shafter Depot Museum, as well as the old Shafter Motel.

White's current passionis for a revival of the the Colours arts festival. "I would be willing to be a part of the team," saying that she could help with the connections that she has in the local art world.


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