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Churches pray for Wasco as one

There was a house full of worshipers on Sunday at the Wasco Community Revival. The special event occurred at True Light Baptist Church in Wasco, with almost 100 people celebrating the power of prayer and unity.

The message was one of love and joy where various churches in Wasco and from outside came together to pray for the town, including the recent violence.

It was open to everyone, and it didn't matter what church you went to; all were welcomed.

There was music in English and Spanish. Parishioners sang songs of praise, thanking the lord and declaring that he is good.

"We have a choir from heaven tonight," event organizer and assistant pastor for New Generation Church in Wasco, Marcus Ballard, said.

Coco Quintero from New Generation Church in Wasco attended the revival.

"I loved it. It was a new experience for me because, in my church, we don't have a choir set up like True Light, so it was really powerful to hear their choir sing."

"You could feel the presence of the lord when they sang. It was awesome to see so many churches come together and praise as one body of Christ the way we are supposed to."

The people that came felt the spirit of God.

"I think it was awesome. It exceeded my expectations. Those that came were on the same page with the same goal: to change the Wasco community for the better," Ballard said.

Quintero said the lord moved her.

"I had a revelation of my identity and confidence in my identity that night, so it was really special for me. God doesn't see color or race; he just loves us all."

She believes in the power of prayer.

"It's our only solution to any of our problems. I strongly believe that without God, nothing can be achieved, and nothing can work as it is supposed to. I prayed for him to send his spirit here for us to be a hub for people to know that any church they come to here in Wasco, the lord will be there."

Wannetta Crenshaw from Apostolic Faith Temple in Wasco thought it was wonderful.

"It is so amazing to see the different churches come together and focus on one thing to serve God and pray through fellowship with each other. I thought it was just so beautiful."

The best part for her was the prayer and worship.

"It was a reminder of what is going to happen when we all get together in heaven; we are all going to come together and praise God."

"I prayed for the city of Wasco and everyone in that building and their families. I prayed for our nation, president, Ukraine, my family, children, and grandchildren."

Leonard Espinoza from Family Life Worship in McFarland came to participate.

"I am here today because I am a man of God, and I love the lord. I want to help people to come to know the lord as I do."

Brad Hight from Westside Family Fellowship in Wasco said, "It was good to see unity from the different churches in the community. It's been a while since I've seen these churches unite regularly to pray together, take hands across denominational lines, and be the true body of Christ."

He took away knowledge from the revival.

"Many like-minded brothers and sisters in the community desire to see change. The Bible says that one can put a thousand to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight, so all of us together really multiplies the spiritual strength in our community."

The Wasco Community Revivals will be held monthly, with the next one on March 26th at 6 pm at Canyon Hills Church in Wasco, 600 Broadway St. For more information, call Marcus Ballard at (805) 636-8931.


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