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SHS Students of the Month

Shafter High School named its Students of the Month for the month of March, with each student receiving a certificate to commemorate the event.

The students displayed exemplary work in the classroom, earning them a place on the list.

The honored students are: Mariana Morales Rosales, Cassandra Gutierrez, Rubi Perez Navarro, Hector Lopez Montano, Jacqueline Rodriguez Nunez, Joselyn Valdovinos Moreno, Christian Vega, Alan Fierro Gomez, Alessandra Valle, Aubree Brown, Leah Romo, Samuel Zavala, Luis Salgado Reyes, Aracely Liera Lopez, Gerardo Valenzuela, Nato Barajas, Jorge Torres Rincon, Marley Munoz, Dario Garcia, Jade Porter, Veronica Rodriguez, Jose Negrete Tapia, Alexis Castro Ruiz, Isabel Jimenez, Ashley Espinoza Miranda, Marcus Rodriguez, Cadence Cruz, Rubi Perez Navarro, Alexander Ortiz Araiza, Alexia Ramirez, Marco Hernandez Chavez and Landon Monreal.

Shafter High School honors those students who have shown outstanding progress and performance in the classroom. They exhibit the traits of Generals and the pride and spirit that goes with the blue and gold of Shafter High. Principal Russell Shipley said that he is proud of these students and pleased to recognize them for their accomplishments.


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