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Monica (Perales) Lamirand

Jan. 10, 1957 – March 7, 2023

Monica (Perales) Lamirand, 66, of Shafter, passed away on March 7, 2023, from cancer, surrounded by her family.

Monica was born on Jan. 10, 1957; she grew up in Shafter. During her childhood, she could be found helping her siblings with their homework – "She has always been so smart." She played tennis during high school. And she could be found cruising around town.

Carl Lamirand met the love of his life working down at a potato shed. He remembers the day perfectly on July 5, 1979. As their love grew, so did their family. Soon came Carl Ray, followed by his sister, Christine. Bowling was a game they liked to play together. Humorous stories have been told about her intense bowling style. They enjoyed going to Stateline the most (Whiskey Pete's served them well).

Everyone in the family owned one of her handmade crocheted blankets. They surround us like warm hugs. Monica enjoyed going to the casino, playing the lottery (she even won the Fantasy 5 twice!), crafting (self-taught crocheting, later even teaching her own mother and niece this wonderful skill], needlepoint, canvas work, macrame, sewing), working on puzzles, playing games such as cards (rummy), dominos, Jewel Quest, darts and listening to country music.

Food also was an amazing trade she possessed. She learned how to cook from her Nana, making Sunday menudo, potato/macaroni salad for barbecues, a Spanish rice that was to die for and an extra sweet treat for her son's birthday, dirt cake.

She always included the whole family in holidays and birthdays. She would have done anything for us. Kind, selfless and generous are words that are often used to describe this wonderful woman. We would like to thank God for the time he shared her with us. We will carry her memories with us forever and continue to live by the values she instilled in us.

Monica is survived by Carl Lamirand (husband), Carl Ray (son), Christine (daughter), Steven and Becky (stepson) and eight grandchildren; Irene Perales (mother), David and Karen, Danny and Pat, Dana Perales (brother and sister), and many nieces and nephews.


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