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Workshop to help plan for future housing development

A Housing Element Update Workshop is set for Monday, April 10, to get public feedback on the city's plans for residential development over the next decade.

The Housing Element is one of the nine elements in the city's General Plan. The community development department is responsible for executing the Housing Element.

The General Plan is the city's "blueprint" for how it will grow and develop over time. The Housing Element provides a plan for meeting the housing needs of everyone in the community and must be updated every eight years.

Keri Cobb, community development director, said, "At the upcoming Housing Element Workshop, the city's consultant will explain what a housing element is, why it's important, what the update process and timeline are and how the community can get involved." A question and answer time will also be provided.

She said public input is a critical piece of any public planning effort. In anticipation of the workshop, there is a survey for residents to provide their input by scanning the QR code found on the city website.

"It is important that we communicate with the public about the planning process and then hear their input. This is the public's document, and we need to hear what the public believes are the community's greatest needs so we can be sure to plan appropriately."

The workshop aims to educate the public about the Housing Element update process and explain ways they can get involved.

Cobb said there is currently no housing crisis in Wasco. But housing is a critical issue statewide, she added. However, new housing construction in Wasco has been steady for several years.

"There are many factors that are important to consider when planning for future housing. One of the key considerations is a provision of adequate infrastructure to support new housing. This is something the city has prioritized and will continue to prioritize during the next eight year housing element cycle."

There will be other workshops in the future, and the dates are to be determined.

The workshop will occur at 6 p.m. at the Wasco City Council chambers at 764 E St. For more information, contact the City of Wasco Planning Department.


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