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A cleanup event to beautify the city

On Saturday, the City of Wasco Code Compliance Department hosted a spring community cleanup where almost 15 tons of bulky waste was disposed of at no cost to the residents of Wasco.

The event was in collaboration with the Wasco Public Works Department, American Refuse, Alianza and many local volunteers.

There were 127 loads dropped off and 65 curbside pickups for those that didn't have a way to transport the bulky waste.

Alianza collected several more tons of e-waste.

"This addresses illegal dumping. It helps because there is so much out there. Illegal dumping in the alleyways is a big issue," said Public Works Director Luis Villa,

"Because of the lack of lighting, it creates a perfect environment for illegal dumping."

Code Compliance hosts these cleanups twice a year.

"It's another great event where the community comes together to show their support for the city," Villa said. "These events are always successful. Compared to last time, the number of cars that came through doubled."

Jeff Martin, owner of American Refuse, said, "We do this because the people need it. We've been doing these events for at least 10 years. We keep doing this every year because we want to take care of Wasco."

"It's an outlet for community members to have a place to take their items, and it helps keep the city clean."

Sergio Gonzalez, code compliance officer, said, "It's an opportunity to show pride for your home and city."

John P. Pallares, Wasco planning commissioner, said, "I came out today to beautify the city. Wasco is home, and this keeps our town free of waste."

Rafael Castillo brought in three mattresses. "It saves me money on gas and time," he explained.

Sandra Rodriguez dropped off a TV, a washer and two baby cribs.

"I've had this stuff in my backyard for a long time, and I was happy to get rid of it. It was easy, fast and really convenient."

Ramiro Rios also said it was an excellent way to declutter his home, and Mauro Mendoza thought the event was awesome.

"The best part was the community service and all of the volunteers. People are so generous with their time," he said.

Many local students came to lend a hand and helped collect trash from the alleyways.

Wasco High School student Addison Vasquez said, "I like doing this. It is fun to come out and do something for the community."

The cleanup ended with a treat for the staff and all the volunteers, with tacos and refreshments.

"It was a thank you for the volunteers that spent their time for fellowship and building community," Christian Tover, code compliance officer, said.


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