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New sergeant hopes to keep the city safe

There is a new sergeant in town.

Corey Stacy was promoted in March and assigned to Wasco Kern County Sheriff’s Department Office substation.

Stacy has tremendous experience in law enforcement.

He started with the Sheriff's Office in 2009. As a deputy, he worked court services, downtown jail, the Frazier Park substation and Lamont substation.

"I was assigned to the Kern County Sheriff's Office Rural Crime Investigation Unit, where I handled investigations regarding agriculture, ranching and oilfield-related crimes. I was promoted to senior deputy and assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit from 2019-2023."

He said what he has enjoyed the most so far is learning the responsibilities as a supervisor, including working with the patrol deputies and getting to know the Wasco personnel.

Stacy is looking forward to collaborating closely with the deputies assigned to the substation and providing the residents of Wasco with public safety services.

"In order to keep the city safe, we need the public's help by their cooperation and their vigilance when it comes to reporting crimes,” he said. "Working together provides the extra help deputies need to conduct thorough and in-depth investigations and will lead to apprehension and prosecution of those who commit crime."

He chose his profession in law enforcement because he has always had the mentality to help those in need.

"Law enforcement has provided me with a great career where I can do that. I have always strived to do the right thing and maintain the utmost integrity in my everyday life."

His motto is "God is always in control."

Stacy hopes to improve the station.

"My goal as a sergeant is to always be there for the deputies. I have a lot of experience in different areas of law enforcement, and I want to share that experience with the deputies of Wasco,” he said. “Doing that will motivate deputies to always put 110% into all they do, which in turn will create a good working environment at the Wasco substation."

He is unique from other sergeants and believes his assignments have provided him with a different mindset from other supervisors. He said every supervisor is different and may have a different view of things, which is not bad.

Stacy said he strives to be the best he can be, and working with deputies with diverse backgrounds and experiences keeps him open to other ideas.

"Although I am a supervisor, it does not mean I always have the right or best answer. Listening to subordinates provides me with a different point of view and could also lead to better working relationships."

He thinks the new Wasco Police Department is excellent.

"Although I have only been assigned to the Wasco substation for a short time, the City of Wasco will be in good hands with Chief Charlie Fivecoat leading the way."

Stacy plans to help with the transition.

"I will work with the City of Wasco and Chief Fivecoat to the best of my ability. A smooth transition will benefit both the Kern County Sheriff's Office and Wasco Police Department."

He will address the gang situation in Wasco.

"I know Wasco City has dealt with gang violence for some time. Wasco deputies have done a great job investigating gang crimes, which has led to the prosecution of those involved. As I said, we need the public's cooperation when investigating these types of crimes."

"Due to Wasco being such a small city, the amount of crime can become overwhelming for the residents and the deputies. Our mission is to work in partnership with the community and enhance the safety, security and quality of life for everyone involved."


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