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Tallon appointed WUHSD superintendent

Longtime Wasco educator Kevin Tallon has been named Wasco Union High School District superintendent. This comes after many years of dedicated service to the district.

"I am excited to serve as superintendent of this district. I've been blessed to work here for 21 years," Tallon said. "We have amazing students and staff, and to continue to work alongside them is an honor.

"We have a beautiful campus that has been modernized over the last 15 years, but there are still ongoing needs, and we are evaluating our needs as it pertains to facilities. I'm anxious to help lead that work."

There are challenges he hopes to address.

"We are still adding services that support our student's academic, social and emotional needs, especially after the pandemic. Social-emotional needs have come to the forefront," he said. "Our work with our social workers, counselors, teachers and other staff will continue to evolve to support the mental health of our students."

Tallon grew up in Wasco and attended WHS. Wasco has a special place in his heart.

"Having either lived or worked in Wasco my entire life, I feel connected to every aspect of it. I love the community and enjoy being involved in things outside of the school."

He said he does this through organizations like the Wasco Community Scholarship Association, the Wasco High Athletic Hall of Fame, the Wasco Rotary Club and other organizations when there is a need.

His is in his 22nd year with the district. He was a social science teacher at WHS for 12 years, the principal for seven and the director of programs and acting superintendent for two.

He said he loves every part of education, working closely with students and nourishing their learning aspirations.

"I've enjoyed supporting that work in administration. I have been blessed to have worked under tremendous leaders who helped grow my desire to serve students this way through their leadership."

Former WHS Superintendent Rob Cobb, who died earlier this year after a long battle with cancer, was one such leader who impacted his life as an educator.

"I acknowledge the fact that I am following Rob, and that Rob was a mentor to me for my entire career. I am grateful for his leadership and am still dealing with the emotion of losing him but committed to carrying on the work he led for many years."

He believes in the importance of education and thinks it is the foundation for helping students to become successful and productive citizens.

"We have a duty to help students grow academically and socially so that they are prepared for whatever career and post-secondary educational opportunities they pursue."

Tallon has the skills to thrive in his new role.

"I'm invested in our district and the community. I want the best for our students, so as we continue to deal with the challenges, I am determined to help us and other staff overcome those so our students can be successful."

Student safety is a top priority for him.

"We will continue to train our staff, update our safety plan and employ district safety personnel to ensure the safety of our students and staff."

He said his fondest memories of working for the district are the relationships he has built with students and staff.

"In the moment, you don't realize it, but then in time, you realize that you've developed a strong relationship or positively impacted someone's life. That is the most satisfying part of being an educator."


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