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A dance to bond with daughters

The Orange Heart Foundation hosted a “You Are My Sunshine” daddy-daughter dance, and over 200 little girls and their significant father figures attended.

The event took place at Palm Avenue Middle School, and DJ BoomDog provided the music, playing popular songs in English and Spanish.

It was a night to cherish, making memories that would last a lifetime.

Sergio Cano came with his 7-year-old daughter, Alexis. "She pushed me to come out here," he said.

Cano said it was a way to bond with his daughter. "I got to spend alone time with her with a one-on-one date."

Rudy Gonzalez, who attended with his daughter Hayven, dressed in matching outfits.

"Her cousin came last year, and she wanted to have just as much fun as she did."

For some, it was a way to connect with new and old friends.

"Being here with her friends and other parents made it special," said Rigo Gomez, who brought his daughter, Jocy, 8.

Pedro Astorga shared that it was a way to enjoy time with his daughter.

"Enjoy the small moments because they don't last."

Jose Cueco of his 6-year-old daughter, Addison, said it was a good experience for both.

"It is a good way to show our daughters how they should be treated and always great for them to mingle with their classmates."

He encourages other fathers to come next year.

"I know some fathers might be embarrassed going out there with daughters and dancing in front of other dads, but it's the best time to be silly on the dance floor and have an amazing time with your daughter."

Jose Mendoza brought his two daughters.

"It's our first time, and I've never been together with them like this. I came to show them my support and show them that I love them."

Maya Ramirez, age 7, accompanied by her dad, Leonard, was excited. "I got to dress up and get my hair done,” she explained.

Marcos Flores came with his daughters Daisy, 7, and Melanie, 9.

"Tonight was an opportunity to have some fun with my girls. They've been talking about it all week."

He said it was something to remember for a long time.

Sophia Rosas, 7, attended with her grandfather, Eduardo.

"Her dad was working, and I came to take his place. It was special for her to be more open and confident."

He added, "You have to give them these moments of happiness to feel free for a couple of hours."

A highlight of the event was Ms. Wasco Rose Queen Ensley Mehlberg, who made a special appearance. The girls were very excited to see her and overjoyed with emotions.

She said, "I couldn't wait to see all of the pretty princesses and have fun with them."

The event was in collaboration with local organizations and volunteers from the community.

Traci Clendenen of the Orange Heart Foundation was grateful for them.

"I want to thank DJ BoomDog, the Wasco Rose Festival, Eddie Velasquez from 2nd 2 None for donating the water and Wasco Family Wrestling for helping to sell tickets and clean up afterward."


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