Serving the community since 1922

Family's Japanese cuisine delivers

Blue Sushi prides itself on serving up authentic Japanese cuisine. Under new ownership, the restaurant has thrived.

Daniel Vargas is the owner of the family business, with his sister, mother and aunt on the team.

He has lived his whole life in Wasco, attending local schools and graduating from Wasco High School in 2018. Daniel decided to build his business in Wasco because he likes the small community.

"I know a lot of people here. It feels like home, being around my family."

He worked for the original Blue Sushi for almost four years and worked his way up to chef. When the owners presented him with an opportunity to buy the restaurant, he said it was something he could not pass up.

The restaurant reopened last November and has since developed a reputation for excellent food and great customer service.

Vargas is a 23-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for helping the community. He sponsors local volleyball players from WHS.

"I have always been involved in sports while I was in high school. If I have the chance to give back, especially in sports, I am happy to."

All of his staff is bilingual. "That is important because many Latinos here only speak Spanish. We want to serve them the best we can in their language."

Vargas said the restaurant is cozy and has a great ambiance.

"It's a little bit more modern with a modern design."

The menu is diverse, with many options. "We have from chicken teriyaki bowls to salmon bowls," he said. "We also carry bento boxes that include teriyaki and sushi. There are different varieties of sushi rolls from cooked to fresh fish and hot spicy ramen and udon noodles."

There are crowd favorites.

"People love the Mexican roll, which contains cream cheese, spicy crab, avocado and jalapeno and it's deep-fried. People also love the chicken teriyaki bowl with white steamed rice and vegetables, chicken thigh and teriyaki sauce."

The fish is delivered from Los Angeles to the only Japanese restaurant in town.

"We only carry the finest and highest quality of fish."

"It's nice to have something to offer different from what is around. It is what keeps the business going."

He is grateful for his customers that keep coming back.

"We have regulars that come daily, so we know we are doing something right, he said. "They enjoy it. Many people come from Bakersfield that say this is the best place for sushi."

The dining area is currently closed while they search for a sous chef. There is take-out only for the time being.

Blue Sushi, 915 7th St., is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Follow them on Facebook at BlueSushiandTeriyakiWasco or Instagram at BlueSushiTeriyaki. For takeout orders, call 661-758-2236.


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