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Carrington receives donation for necessities

A Shafter club made a donation to the Carrington Home in Shafter, helping the residents with toiletries and necessary items they may need. According to Executive Director Alicia Webb, the group had contacted her and told her that they wanted to help out their residents, just a little something to brighten up their day.

Members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club visited the Carrington House and presented Webb and the residents a check for $700 to go toward anything that the residents may need. Louis Torres, a member of the club, said that they were initially going to buy the items themselves, but they were having trouble getting a comprehensive list together, thinking that it may be better for everyone to just give them a check so they can buy what they want and need.

The HeMan Woman Haters club is a group of men who gather together, sip a few cold ones and talk about what is going on in town, and what needs there may be in the community.

"In the past, we have helped organize backpack drives, free dinners, sponsoring kids to go on trips or maybe sponsor a sports team," said Torres. A couple of months ago, they decided that they would like to help out the folks at Carrington. "They are such great people, and you know that anyone can use a little something to give you a little hand up," said Steven Garza, another member of the club.

The club meets once a month, and members pay dues. They then use that money to help out different people and causes they want to help. The members of the club met with a few of the residents and presented Webb and staff member Teresa Hernandez with the gift.

Residents Gladys Zobel, Doris Unruh and Doris Friesen were on hand to meet with the members of the club and pose for a picture. There was an amusing moment when Unruh was slightly taken aback when she heard the name of the club. "You guys are woman haters?' asked Unruh. Torres laughed and explained that the club adores women, the name of the club is just a play on words, getting the name for the club from the famous clubhouse including the Little Rascals from the Our Gang television show. "Oh, I remember that show," exclaimed Friesen. 'That was a cute show."

The two groups had a good time visiting with each other and Torres assured the group that they would be back in the future, wanting to continue helping the residents and keeping in touch with them.

Webb said that they would use the money to purchase toiletries and other items that the residents may need. She wanted to thank the club for their generosity and said that they were looking forward to the club returning in the future. "They are a great bunch of guys that do a lot of good in the community."


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