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Church unites community with a fair

The Free Will Baptist Church hosted a lively community fair last month, featuring a diverse array of 19 booths offering a variety of services and attractions. The event aimed to bring the community together and provide valuable information about different organizations that supported the fair.

Among the booths, several organizations stood out, including CAPK, the Kern County Cancer Foundation, and CCS. CAPK's representative, Araseli Lopez, emphasized the importance of raising awareness about mental health and providing information on food assistance for families in need. CAPK operates three local food pantries in Wasco, Shafter, and McFarland, catering to urgent food needs within the community.

Representatives from the City of Wasco also attended the fair, demonstrating their support for the event. Code enforcement officer Sergio Gonzales shared that they provided information about new housing developments and ongoing improvements, while actively engaging with citizens through surveys to gather their valuable input on further enhancements.

Michael Navarrete, a general assistant for the fair, expressed the church's commitment to addressing the needs of the community. He explained, "Our church takes this responsibility seriously, ensuring that those who are hungry receive food and those in need of clothing are provided for. We are here to demonstrate the love of God."

Local high school student Pascual Millian shared his enthusiasm for serving the community, stating, "I enjoy helping out and making sure the community receives everything they need."

CCS also participated in the fair, providing vital information about mental health services and outpatient health benefits available to the community.

Apart from the services offered by different organizations, the Free Will Baptist Church provides a range of child services, catering to nursery-age children through teenagers. Additionally, the church extends its support by offering transportation services for those in need.

The church's fair served as a powerful testament to the church's dedication to fostering a sense of unity and caring within the community. By providing information and support, the fair not only showcased the services available but also emphasized the church's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the community.


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