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Wasco Summerfest benefits Orange Heart, wrestling club

Wasco community members came alive with excitement as it hosted its first-ever Small Town Summerfest last month. The event, held in support of the Orange Heart Foundation and the Wasco Families Wrestling Club, brought together residents from near and far for a day filled with thrilling games, tacos, and an opportunity to contribute to worthy causes.

One of the highlights of the Summerfest on June 17 was the friendly competition that unfolded on the grounds. Members of the community had a thrilling time playing cornhole and Jenga. The lively atmosphere was amplified by the cheers and laughter of onlookers, creating an infectious sense of camaraderie throughout the event.

Maria Lopez, a Wasco resident, spoke about her motivation for attending the Summerfest, saying, "I came out here to support the youth wrestling and to hang out with friends while our husbands play cornhole." This event provided an opportunity for residents to come together and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities, all for a noble cause.

Russel Prado, a volunteer at the event, expressed his commitment to the cause. "We are here to help the Orange Heart Foundation and Wasco wrestling, making tacos and helping wherever we are needed." The generosity and hard work of individuals like Prado were instrumental in the success of the Summerfest and further highlighted the sense of community spirit that pervaded the event.

Ruth Robledo, a passionate supporter of the Wasco Families Wrestling Club, voiced her enthusiasm for the Summerfest, emphasizing the importance of its continuity. "This is an event we need to have more than once. It's a chance to raise money for the wrestlers to travel, it's a safe fun event, and it's close by and local for anyone to come and enjoy." Robledo's sentiment resonated with many attendees who expressed their desire for the Small Town Summerfest to become an annual tradition.

The event's sponsors included Wayne Johnson Trucking Company, California Home Pros, Clendene LLC, N. Martinez Transportation, and 43 Bar.


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