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Barbie girls prepare for Miss Wasco pageant

The Miss Wasco Rose Queen Pageant will take place on Thursday, Sept. 7, at the Wasco High School Auditorium. This year 15 young women are competing for the coveted title, and the theme is Barbie.

They are Abigail Martinez, Alyse Biggs, Natalia Crane, Amaia Marquez, Aleena Lopez, Ruby Macias, Addison Vasquez, Yesenia Hernandez, Devanie Caban, Xitlalic Trujillo, Monique Martinez, Madison Martinez, Esmeralda Rodriguez, Jasmine Barbosa and Silvia Inzunza.

There are four pageant directors: Nicole Sanchez, Hailey Coyle, Sydney Bocker and Debbie Mehlberg.

Sanchez said of the contestants, "They are doing awesome, working hard, learning lots of dancing and having fun bonding with each other."

She added, "They are smart, articulate, and bring much energy to practice."

Practice is on Tuesday and Thursday for four hours each session. "It's always 100% effort at practice," Madison Martinez said.

One of the biggest challenges is "Just keeping up with everything we've learned so far. It's a lot, but it will all be worth it once we have it down."

All of the girls are really excited.

Xitlalic Trujillo said, "I've always wanted to do it since I was a little girl. It's a special experience I wouldn't want to miss out on."

Her favorite part so far has been getting close to the other contestants.

"And learning new traits such as how to handle things with grace."

On the big day, the girls will strut on stage at the pageant to showcase their talents in categories including dance, singing, physical fitness, formal gown, modeling and interviews.

Monique Martinez said she is nervous about dancing but believes her experience as a cheerleader will help her shine on stage.

"Cheerleading has made me more confident, and I will show that at the pageant."

Monique Martinez said she, too, feels nervous. "But I'm going to overcome that by smiling and enjoying the moment."

Madison said if she wins the title, she will take pride in being a representative for the town of Wasco.

The competition is fierce as all of the girls exude positivity and a desire to bring forth their best.

"Even though we are competing against each other, we are all really good friends," Monique said.

Aleena Lopez shared that she has looked up to the queens of the past.

"I couldn't wait for the chance to run. So far, it's been a great experience and an opportunity to build a family-like bond."

She added that she would feel honored if she won.

"And overwhelmed in a good way to be part of this beautiful community. I was raised in Wasco, and growing up here has been amazing with the community's help. I also hope to help them and plan to do that."


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