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Comida Travel helps plan dream vacations

Comida Travel in Wasco provides personalized, boutique-style advisory service to ensure one makes the best of their trip with the help of a knowledgeable and seasoned travel professional.

Katie Moreno is the owner. By day she is a special assignment teacher at Wasco High School, assisting other teachers with classroom technology and state testing in the Spring.

She is also the advisor of the high school's Traveling Tigers Club. She has taken students to Spain, Italy and France in this capacity. Her students will visit Japan in the spring and Central Europe in 2025.

Moreno launched her business in July and services clients globally online. "I can take on clients from pretty much anywhere," she says.

She has always had a lifelong love of travel.

"I also love food and cooking, and I wanted to combine this into something that would be a fun side gig."

When she retires, she said, the business could provide supplementary income so she can continue to travel.

With Comida Travel, she can coordinate any travel, but her specialty is the food-centric adventure.

"If you really want to experience the local food wherever you are headed, I can help you find ways to do that."

She said if there's one thing you're sure to remember from a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, it's the new tastes you experienced.

"After all, that's what adventure is all about."

She can help plan anything from a hotel stay to a complete trip with transportation and activities.

"I'll curate the best hotels, restaurants, and activities, with options for all budgets."

Some of her services are at no cost – "like booking hotels, train rides, cruises and other tours and activities. Anyone can ask me for those things, and I wouldn't charge them."

She said that for other services, she charges nominal fees that are "very competitive" as she is just starting out.

"If someone wanted me to book them plane tickets, I would do that for $20 a ticket."

With that, should any problem arise, like changes or a missed flight, she can troubleshoot and be of support.

"I want to show people what it means to use a travel advisor. They don't realize how much support they get when they have someone helping them out with a big trip, so you find the best experience possible in any destination you would like to go to."

She said she wants to be the person people go to for travel ideas and recommendations.

"I have connections and resources."

Moreno said the community has been very positive.

"They seem to be excited for me, and I hope they think of me next time they are planning something because I'm not just dreaming for myself; I'm dreaming for others."

To get more information, visit or email [email protected].


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