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Rose Queen contestants to bring talent and passion to the stage

The Miss Wasco Rose Queen Pageant is set for Thursday, Sept. 7, with 15 young ladies gracing the stage for a chance to take home the title.

Aleena Lopez is one of the enthusiastic and vibrant contestants.

She has enjoyed the experience so far.

"I love spending time with all the lovely girls that are also running and enjoy learning new things from the amazing coordinators."

She said if she wins, she will feel blessed and honored to be the new queen of Wasco.

"And overwhelmed in a good way. Earning the role of queen would be amazing to know that I am able to take up participating and serving the beautiful community of Wasco."

Last month, the girls went on a group trip to Disneyland.

"The girls and I had such an amazing time together, enjoying the little things about one another and hanging out. We all loved going on rides together and hanging out by the pool."

She appreciates her coaches.

"My coaches are the most genuine and beautiful women there are. I truly admire them."

Aleena is grateful for the friendships she has made.

"I wish nothing but the best to all the rest of my Barbie girls; I love you girls always."

Another eager contestant who is giving it her all is Monique Martinez.

She, too, has lived her whole life in Wasco.

"I attended Palm Avenue Elementary before it turned into a middle school. I also graduated from Thomas Jefferson Middle School."

Monique said the experience has been great.

"I love getting to know all the other girls and finding out a lot of us have common interests."

She was thrilled with the group trip to Disneyland.

"It was wonderful getting to know the girls outside of practice and having time to bond with one another."

Monique has learned many things.

"Something I've learned about myself is that no matter how hard something is, I'm not going to stop until I get it right."

She is developing close bonds with the other girls.

"I'm building lifelong friendships because we will all have this experience to look back at as one of our many moments of high school."

She thinks highly of the other contestants.

"I'm loving getting to know the other contestants. They're all very sweet and very down-to-earth people to talk to."

Amaia Marquez is another accomplished and prepared contestant.

A proud Wasconian, she was born and raised here.

"I have attended John L. Prueitt Elementary, Thomas Jefferson and Palm Avenue Middle School. I am currently attending Wasco High as a senior."

She said she is running for Rose Queen to get more involved in the community.

"I feel that this pageant is the best way – winning or not."

She has always looked up to the past Rose Queens.

"I always thought they were beautiful princesses, and I always aspired to be just like them."

Amaia said all of the other contestants are amazing young ladies.

"Our bond is like no other. It's very easy to connect to one another and get along."

Her family and friends support her.

"By always being there no matter the circumstances. They have also been emotionally supportive."

If she wins, she said she will represent the town of Wasco by being a positive representative.

"Showing young ladies the importance of being a great scholar while staying active in sports and helping the community, motivating others to stay focused to accomplish their goals. There are no ceilings to success."

Contestant Jasmine Barbosa is passionate about Wasco and wants to win because she would love to put the community first, taking on all of the responsibilities that come with it.

"I work well with others and would love to be a role model for young women. I am also a very responsible person and a very hard worker when it comes to things I enjoy doing."

If she wins, she said it would feel like a dream, and all of her hard work, putting time into practicing, and all those hot days in the auditorium would be paid off.

"I would be very grateful."

She likes spending time with the other girls.

"They are so sweet, funny and amazing. I have made a very special bond with many of them, if not all. I enjoy dancing with them and being vulnerable with them."

Jasmine said she loves her coaches.

"They make me feel very comfortable, and I could go to them for anything. They are also a big part of why I enjoy going to practice. They are so positive and always try to make us feel good."

Tickets to the event on Thursday, Sept. 7, at 6 p.m., are $20 and can be purchased from any contestant, and $25 at the door on the night of the event if any are left.


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