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Miss Wasco Rose Queen Pageant to bring out the best

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It's that time of year when 15 young ladies will compete for the coveted title of Miss Wasco Rose Queen. The pageant will take place at the historic Wasco High School Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 7, at 6 p.m.

It promises to be a vibrant show where the contestants will bring the best of their talents to the competition.

Madison Martinez is one of them.

"I was born and raised in the close-knit community of Wasco."

She attended all local schools, including John L. Prueitt Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

"I've made so many great memories and friendships from these schools."

She said she is running because growing up, she was always inspired by the past Rose Queens.

"And how much of a great impact they've had on the community. Now I'm hoping to have that same positive effect on the kids of this town and the community altogether."

So far, the experience for her has been exciting.

"I've wanted to run for Rose Queen since I was a little girl, and running with this group of girls makes it ten times better. They make every practice fun, and I know it will always be a good time around them."

She said she loves and appreciates her coaches very much.

"They work hard every day and make sure us girls are going to look and feel good on the day of the pageant."

Her family and friends, she said, have always supported this dream of hers to run for Miss Wasco.

"They are just as excited as I am for the pageant, which makes it so much better. They have only shown me unconditional love and support, and I can't thank them enough."

She added, "One thing I will remember the most about the pageant is the memories I've made with this group of girls, the coaches and loved ones who've constantly supported me."

Alyse Biggs is another of the contestants who can not wait for the pageant putting in long hours of preparation for the big day.

She said the best part of the practices is spending time and talking with her fellow contestants.

"Also getting to make lifelong friends."

She said the team trip they took to Disneyland allowed her to form better friendships.

"And realizing how alike I am to some girls as well. Especially making memories that I will never forget with some of my favorite people."

She thinks the other contestants are amazing people.

"Always trying to put their very best in everything they put their minds to. Especially when it comes to what we must do in the pageant, it inspires me to put my all into everything I do."

She has enjoyed the journey so far.

"Participating in this pageant has made me realize I can do much more. It has also helped me develop different qualities that are important for one to possess."

She said she is running for Rose Queen because she heard the experience was like no other.

She was born and raised in Wasco.

"I have been a resident of Wasco for all of my life. While living in Wasco all these years, I have come to appreciate living in a small town. Being in such a tight-knit community has allowed me to grow and given me support and encouragement in helping me succeed in all areas of my life."

Silvia Inzunza is another young lady that is working hard while having a fun time.

She said she is running to be a positive influence for little girls so that they could do it too.

"I've already made that influence with my younger cousins and hope to spread more. I'm the first in my family to run for Miss Wasco Rose Queen."

Of the pageant, she said, so she loves it.

"I am building a relationship with these girls and getting opportunities to meet new people."

She also loved the group trip and had a great time.

"We all got the opportunity to bond with each other. My favorite part about the trip was talking all night and making memories with my roommates."

Silvia thinks the other contestants have been very supportive of each other.

"They are kind and are special in their own ways. Every day of practice, I come out tired from laughing. I would be happy for whoever will win, and I know they will too. They are truly sisters to me, and I love spending time with them."

If she wins, she will be honored to represent the Wasco community.

"I would be representing the city I grew up in and love, the town my family grew up in."

She appreciates her coaches.

"I love the coaches. They are amazing women who bring out the best of us. They take time out of their days to help us and make sure we look our best for pageant night. I am so grateful to have a wonderful relationship with these women."

Xitlalic Trujillo has lived in Wasco her whole life. Her parents are Jose and Martha Trujillo.

"Throughout my 17 years in this community, I have attended the preschool next to the old labor camp, Karl F. Clemens, Thomas Jefferson Middle School and now approaching my last year at Wasco High School."

She said the experience is truly once in a lifetime.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this year's pageant. This experience up to this point has taught me how to improve my public speaking skills, determination, self-confidence and how to take care of our well-being."

She added that she has learned to work as a team and be a leader when given the opportunity to do so.

Other things that she has learned so far are that she can do things she doubted herself, such as learning poise, presenting herself in front of a wide range of people and also personal interviews.

She hopes to show her personality and natural character at the pageant.

If she were to win, she said, "I would feel very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to have the ability to run. I would be proud of myself for embracing my skills and talents to win the title."

She added that being Miss Wasco for 12 months is a grand accomplishment and duty.

"With the things I have been taught through this experience, I can assure myself and the lovely people that make the town of Wasco that I would make a great leader and role model."

Tickets for the pageant are $20 and can be purchased from any contestant. If any are left, they will be $25 at the door the night of the event.


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