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Cars and Coffee unites vehicle aficionados

Wasco Cars and Coffee is an organization for automotive enthusiasts to unite for fellowship and community activism.

"We meet over coffee and talk about our car builds, which refers to our custom cars that are built to our liking," said founder Lucio Rivera.

He started the organization because, "I wanted to give Wasco and surrounding cities a safe haven where we could get together and express ourselves."

"We can work together to do good in the community, like food drives and also toy drives, which we have in the works this coming holiday season."

Founded in February of 2021, the organization has enjoyed the participation of hundreds of car enthusiasts. They meet every first Sunday of the month at American Tire Depot in Wasco.

Rivera has loved cars ever since he was a child. "Since I could remember. I used to play with my hot wheels in the sand. As founder of the organization, it became an honor to host these events with cars I never thought I'd see in my life."

The organization also participates in special events and car shows. More recently, they were a part of the Wasco Rose Festival and the re-opening of American Tire Depot in Wasco.

"These were our first major events. We are planning to start setting up our own car shows. However, each time we meet is like a special event because it gives everyone participating a time to shine."

"One thing that I really enjoy is that it doesn't matter your demographic or economic status; at the end of the day, our love and passion for cars brings us together as one," he said.

He encourages everyone to participate, whether to show off their custom car or get motivation for building their custom car.

Rivera also likes the camaraderie that is built and networking with others that occurs at their monthly meetings. "Friendships and unbreakable bonds are made that you never imagined you'd make in a parking lot."

He said one of the most impactful moments that the club has given him as the founder is witnessing the fire of desire being ignited in the younger generation of future car enthusiasts.

"Everyone is welcome, and we invite the younger and older generations to come together."

The people in the organization have builds ranging from classic muscle cars to modern-day exotic vehicles. "I've seen everything from a Toyota Supra to a Lamborghinis."

"Our members have fun and get great advice and motivation from others. "It's a true community."

Those interested in participating can visitWasoCarsAndCoffee on Instagram.



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