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Drop off bulky waste at no cost

The City of Wasco's Code Compliance Office, American Refuse, and local groups and businesses are partnering up to keep Wasco beautiful with their free community clean-up event on Saturday, Oct. 21.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., residents can drop off their bulky waste at Barker Park. Items accepted include old furniture, home appliances, TVs, mattresses, electronic waste and water heaters.

Trash, commercial waste, construction or remodeling scraps, hazardous materials and green waste cannot be accepted.

There is a pickup service for those who cannot transport their bulky waste of up to a maximum of four items. One can call Code Compliance at 661-758-7216 or 661-758-7213 to schedule curbside service from your address.

This service is open only to the first 30 residents to register (must be within city limits), and registration ends on Tuesday, Oct. 19 by 5 p.m.

Code Compliance Officer Sergio Gonzalez said this event is a big service for the community. "It allows the community to have a convenient place to drop off their heavy items and is a great opportunity to clean up their properties and have pride in cleaning up their community."

The turnout is usually very good, and tons of bulky trash were collected last year. "We had approximately 60 people on the pickup list last year, and approximately 100 vehicles that showed up to the drop off at Barker Park."

Gonzalez said events like this address the problem of illegal dumping. "Due to the convenience of dropping off at the park, people are less likely and less tempted to dump in the alleys illegally."

"Illegal dumping, whether it be small or big, is against our city laws and costs the city and the public time and money. Illegal dumping in the alleys creates a visual blight and makes it hard for cars to maneuver in the alleys."

Gonzalez said these clean-ups help to keep Wasco beautiful. "The less clutter that we have on public properties or private property is a huge benefit towards keeping the community clean.”

These events are held twice a year, but there is interest in holding these events more often. "It would be nice if we could have additional events throughout the year."

Volunteers are needed for alley clean-ups. "Our volunteers will range from general citizens, students in school clubs, church groups and other non-profit organizations."

Gonzalez thanks its sponsors, including American Refuse, Alianza Recycling & Recovery, Kern County Public Works and Wasco Recreation and Parks District.

Those interested in volunteering or have questions can call Code Compliance at the numbers listed above.


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