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Shafter Woman's Club working to raise awareness of domestic violence

The Shafter Woman's Club has been working to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence for years, giving residents important information on a subject that touches so many lives. Barbara Gladden said that the organization has events every year during October, which is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. "We do whatever we can to bring the issue into the spotlight, trying to help everyone deal with the issue and the consequences of the acts."

Recently, members of the club put up purple ribbons on several trees in and around the city, symbolizing of the ongoing fight. Gladden said that local businesses, including Tony's Pizza and Countryside, allowed them to put up the white ribbons at their locations.

The club also goes to the Shafter High campus every year, setting up a booth with information, brochures, and also encouraging students and staff to sign a pledge to promise to never be a part of domestic violence and would speak up if they suspected someone being abusive to a spouse or loved one.

This pledge is annually taken by dozens of Shafter residents, according to Gladden.

"We go to the high school to help the students become aware that everyone can be affected by this issue, no matter their age. We find that it is great to get the information to them as early as possible and appropriate."

The club also speaks at a City Council meeting during Public Comment in October, inviting the council to take the pledge and become a part of the solution.

"This horrible problem affects so many people, the young and old. It doesn't discriminate and needs to be dealt with before the -problem becomes one that you can't control or deal with."

Members of the club working all around town were, in addition to Gladden, Angie Nelson, Kathy Gamboa, Diane Waterhouse and Priscilla Neufeld.


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