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Congressional candidate Chris Mathys makes visit to Shafter

Chris Mathys, a congressional candidate for California's 21st District, made a visit to Shafter on Saturday, spending the day talking to constituents about their concerns and needs as he attempts to unseat Congressman David Valadao in the next election. Mathys said that this district needs a man in office that will be a Republican that will support his colleagues and his party."

Mathys pointed out that Valadao was one of only two Republicans who had voted to impeach former President Donald Trump. " I believe that we have to come together as a party and stick together, supporting one another and our goals."

Mathys, a Conservative Republican, said that it is important that we take our county and state back and realize our dream of a smaller government that will not dictate what we can and cannot do in so many facets of our lives.

Mathys said that he believes that our government has become so big that we are seeing our basic liberties in danger in a lot of cases. "We have seen our economy struggle, trying to support a nation instead of letting the nation help themselves," commented Mathys. One of the concerns that Mathys said he has heard as he had traveled around the district is the money that is being spent unnecessarily, on projects and programs that we have no business being involved in. "We have seen a threat to our Second Amendment rights, as well as our fundamental rights of worship. We actually have been fighting against this movement ever since they took prayer out of our schools."

Another major issue that is on Mathys's platform is the subject of immigration. He said that he is in favor of keeping illegal immigrants out of our country, with a large number of people draining our welfare system, costing us millions of dollars. "I am all for people migrating to our country legally, with a proper process in place that can be completed. My family are immigrants from Switzerland, but they came to this country with their work clothes on."

Mathys said that he has enjoyed his travels around the district, meeting so many people who are wanting a change and a positive force on the Capitol.

Mathys brings over 38 years of business experience to serve California's 21st Congressional District. He owns Mercey Ranch in Firebaugh and operates Oro Financial of California Inc. in Fresno. Chris is a licensed real estate broker in California, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

Chris received his MBA from the University of the Southwest located in Hobbs, N.M., and a bachelor of arts degree in political science from Fresno State.

Public service has always been part of the Mathys family history beginning with his service in the United States Army with the Southern Command in Panama. Chris also served as a Republican City Councilman in Fresno, California. He is a proud member of the National Rifle Association. Mathys also serves as the chairman of the Valley Taxpayer's Coalition Inc.


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