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Pastor's Corner: Our great God

We would be in terrible trouble if our God was made by man out of wood or gold. Psalm 115:5-7 says, [BEGIN ITAL]”The false golds have mouths but cannot speak, they have eyes but they cannot see. They have ears and they hear not, they have noses and they cannot smell. They have hands but they handle not, they have feet but they cannot walk and they cannot speak.”[END ITAL] Our God is not made by man, but He has always existed. He is the Potter, and we are the clay. He reigns over all. Psalm 50:21 says, [BEGIN ITAL]”You thought that I was altogether as yourself.”[END ITAL]

God is God, and beside Him there are no others. Peter called Him the Living God. In this messed up world Our God watches over us and helps us every day. Our God has great wisdom and knowledge. Man’s wisdom does not even come close to God’s wisdom. John 21:17 says, [BEGIN ITAL]”Lord, Thou knowest all things.”[END ITAL] Psalm 147:5 says, [BEGIN ITAL]“Great is our Lord and of great power, His understanding is infinite.”[END ITAL] Our great God desires to lead and direct our paths every day.

Our great God has compassion for the fallen. Scripture describes God as being full of compassion. 1st John 4:8 says, [BEGIN ITAL]“God is love.”[END ITAL] Even while we were lost in sin, He loved us and sent His Son to die for us. He is full of grace and mercy. Even while we were in sin, His mercy protected us.

Our great God has all power. His power can deliver those that are bound by sin. The Bible says power belongs to God. Hebrews 1:3 says, [BEGIN ITAL]”He holds all things by the word of His power”[END ITAL] His spoken word over your life can calm the storms. Never has a man ever spoken like Him. He speaks with power and authority.

Our great God has redeemed my soul from sin. Forty three and a half years ago God changed my life by his power when I asked Jesus to come into my life. Let our great God change your life, and let Him lead and direct you. We need Him in this crazy world.


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