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Lady Tigers find bonding brings success

The Wasco High School varsity girls soccer team is blazing a trail of success this season, emerging as the top leader in the South Sequoia League. With an impressive record of five wins and one loss, they have firmly secured the top spot and are poised for further triumphs.

Jose Castro has been the head coach for the last four years. He said the team's success can be attributed to the girl's willingness to try and learn.

"We have been working off-season for the last two years and have been joining a local league in Bakersfield during this time. That's pretty much what has kept us going and playing together."

He highlights key moments and strategies that have been crucial in securing victories. "We have very good ball movements in most of the games. Our girls are passing at 75 to 80% efficiency, and we have gained some speed with some of the freshmen that came in this year."

"The core of the team is a group of juniors working together for three years. When we gained the speed with the freshmen, our offense has gotten much better."

Some standout players who have significantly impacted the team's performance include senior Amberly Placencia, junior Celeste Castro and sophomore Yatzary Orpineda. "And our freshmen who have three more years to grow," Castro emphasized.

He said teamwork plays a big role in the game. "Teamwork and discipline are everything. When one of the girls makes a mistake, teammates are always there to put in extra work for them. We have a high rate of commitment, and our attendance has been very high."

It's not about winning, the coach explained..

"Winning brings in an aspect of competition that allows them to work harder, but then we do have camaraderie time where the girls have bonded together at one of their teammate's houses, another time at the local park playing another sport like volleyball and softball. So bonding and relationships are going to make it all happen. They will build friendships they will remember and cherish for a long time."

He's proud of his student-athletes. "Another positivity is the intelligence of our girls. The majority are doing great academically. This is probably the highest GPA average I have coached as a group. As students, that comes in number one."

Castro said about his aspirations for the remainder of the season, "The ultimate goal is to take league this year and go well into the playoffs for the Valley Championship. Our girls have developed into a cohesive team where we can look forward optimistically."


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