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California Home Pros unveils PG&E building renovation

On Saturday, it was the official grand opening and ribbon cutting of the completion of the renovation of the old PG&E building by California Home Pros. It was an opportunity to spotlight the business along, with Sherry Knapp's California Home Loans and the opening of Pops Barbershop.

"It's a culmination of a year's worth of hard work of getting the building ready for our customers and contributing to the beautification of downtown 7th Street," California Home Pros owner Tilo Cortez said. "We couldn't have done it without the help of our agents Chris Olivares, Hector Gutierrez, Monica Biggs, Gustavo Olvera and Jesus Villarreal."

"There are other exciting things going on in the building, like the expansion of Angel's Family Nutrition and us renovating a space next door to a micro venue for meetings and small gatherings."

His wife and partner, Jenny, added, "One of the other things we are doing with the building to enhance downtown is collaborating with the high school art program to create a mural that the art class is going to paint."

Both Tilo and Jenny said the event was meant to be fun for the community with food and music. "It's to commemorate all of our efforts while making our community aware of where we're at and what services we provide," Jenny said.

Sherry Knapp from California Home Loans was also happy to partake in the celebration. "We're hoping to show the community that they have local resources and that they don't have to go to Bakersfield to find good service. I want to remind them that we are here and available to help."

For Joshua Hinojosa of Pops Barbershop, it was a special day. "It was a great turnout to get the community together to let them know that a local resident that grew up in the city of Wasco realized his dream as a barbershop owner."

"Coming from a small family cutting hair in the garage, it was always a dream to open my own shop. Today, after 12 years of cutting hair, we made it happen."

City Manager Scott Hurlbert said, "It's a great day for these businesses. It's always great to see local employers growing with the city, and we also applaud the owners for repurposing and refurbishing this original building."

Councilmember Gilberto Reyna said, "Congratulations to California Home Pros Tilo and Jenny Cortez, California Home Loans Sherry Knapp, and Pops Barbershop's Joshua Hinojosa on their outstanding achievement in the Ribbon-Cutting Grand Opening of their newly remodeled location at 1136 7th Street."

He added, "What a fantastic event. Seeing local businesses thrive and expand is genuinely inspiring. They are the foundation of our community, and their growth has a powerful impact on our entire city's economy. I look forward to the achievements and successes they will reach next. They no doubt have a bright future ahead."


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