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Maberry strives to make Wasco a 'showcase district'

Brad Maberry, a dedicated educator and community leader, has been an integral part of the Wasco Union Elementary School District since 1996. Starting as a teacher, he has gradually climbed the ranks and, in 2023, assumed the role of superintendent.

He is a native of Bakersfield but has worked in Wasco since 1996. "It's a magnificent small town with caring parents and community members; the small-town culture is really what has kept me here."

Maberry has stayed involved in the community as a member of the Wasco Rotary Club since 2011, sits on the board of directors of the Ronald McDonald House in Bakersfield and was with the Exchange Club from 2003 until 2010.

He attended Bakersfield High School and has a bachelor's degree in physical education from Cal State Bakersfield and a master's in educational management from the University of Laverne.

Maberry has been in education for 28 years, holding positions as a teacher for the district for seven years, assistant principal for four years at Palm Avenue and Thomas Jefferson middle schools, the first principal at Teresa Burke Elementary School, assistant superintendent for the district and now as superintendent.

He said his position is challenging but exciting. "There's a multitude of responsibilities when running an entire school district. It is a very satisfying job. I have several departments and six school sites under my supervision. The directors and coordinators who run the departments and the administrators who run the schools are top notch. Wasco is certainly lucky to have such dedicated individuals working in the community."

"It's rewarding because we're able to run our district in a manner that provides a strong educational experience for our students, and we strive to provide an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for our employees."

He was inspired to pursue education because of his father. "I grew up in a family of educators. Education was always held to a high standard and level of importance. My dad was an administrator. And just growing up and watching him was a positive example and a natural direction for me to follow."

His desire to run the district efficiently is important and drives him, including "being able to lead the district from a position of high values, strong integrity, a supportive environment and a culture where all students and adults have the ability to grow and become the best they can be."

He describes his leadership style as surrounding himself with excellent people and then matching their talents to the goals and objectives of the district. "I provide them with the support they need and then get out of the way and let them do their jobs."

His vision for the district, he said, is very simple. "Excellence for all. To recognize the needs of all students and staff and provide them with the academic and professional support they need."

Maberry believes his students are amazing. "They are smart, articulate and hard-working."

Of the teachers in the district, he said. "We have the absolute best teaching staff in all of Kern County. We have teachers who go above and beyond the regular workday to provide our students with the instruction they need and the opportunities to participate in enrichment and extracurricular activities."

When asked about the district's biggest challenges, he said, "The biggest barrier is the state budget, which we will face this coming year and the following years. So due to the budget, the district will evaluate its practices and procedures to become as efficient as possible with the goal of not limiting the services, supports and opportunities for our students."

He strives to foster positive relationships with the community, parents and other stakeholders, "By trying to be proactively available and intentional about attending community events and creating opportunities such as parent informational nights and our district parent universities. It's about building partnerships with the community."

He believes district support for professional development is paramount. "We're sending teacher leaders out of the district to be trained to be experts, and then they return and provide that new learning to our entire district."

His approach to budgeting and resource allocation to meet the diverse needs of the district involves curriculum and assessment alignment. "It's critical that the data we receive from these assessments is not only accurate, but prescriptive. In a nutshell, we let the data drive our decisions."

He said his vision for the future "is that the Wasco Union Elementary School District will be a showcase district within the county. A district where our processes and procedures are held as exemplars and our employees are viewed as experts in their craft. WUESD will be a district that students want to attend and adults want to work for."


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